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  1. Issue resolved. No further input on this topic. I purchased OD on the date of 3/14/14. Exact order number it gave me. Post is now ended.
  2. Quite honestly, I don't know why it is enlisted as "FS2004." I bought it specficly for the Flight Sim X. I will recheck as soon as possible.
  3. Alright, this is my order number. If this does not come up, please notify me as this is what I've written down on a sticky note. Thanks, Jordan
  4. Hello to all the aviation people out there! Well, I have recently bought REX essentials + OD, etc, etc. When I customize a theme, I saved it as "WONDERFUL." Once I did that, I installed the theme. Then, it prompted me with the "Would you like to fly now?" screen and I clicked yes. When I went into my simulator and started a flight with my plan loaded and my PMDG 737 NGX ready, no textures loaded. The clouds were default, the water was plain, my sky had none of my custom texture(s) added to it. Can anyone please tell me how I can resolve this? I have worked countless hours this week trying to fix what I am doing wrong. I install the textures but nothing happens. My REX essentials + OD is installed to my Program Files (x86), I don't know if it should be, but the manual says it shouldn't. Best regards, Jordan W.
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