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  1. Well i turned down my settings in fsx and REX 4, but things are still the same. When i get within a few hundred meters of any water it turns white. The clouds are not showing up even when i change the weather to rain. the runway textures dont seem to be affected by REX. The only thing that looks different is the taxiways. How do i attach a screen shot in the forums? i figured out the picture attachment issue
  2. I will give this a try and let you know if it fixes the problem
  3. That is correct. When i open up REX i choose all of the textures including the clouds. In my fsx settng the cloud coverage is at max. The water does not show up anywhere. It is just a white, blue blank look. I will provide a screen shot tomarrow because i am not currently at my house.
  4. I have set it to never notify I always open as administrator Win. 7 64bit 8GB Gtx 760 2gb No overclock 750gb out of 1tb Connected to internet Windows security essentials Running fire wall REX is located on c drive(not program files x86) Fsx is in program files x86
  5. Hi, i recently bougt REX 4. I have not owned a REX product before. I have installed REX doing as the directions said. I changed the cfg file to use the hd textures. After i choose my textures it says they were installed correctly, but when i get into fsx, my water textures are missing. Also the runway and taxiways are deffinetly not hd even though i put them to 4096. I have reinstalled REX and fsx multiple times, but i cant seem to fix this problem. Also the clouds do not appear. Please help. Thanks
  6. hello, im posting so i can get verified. I need to use the support forums cause im having issues with my REX product. thanks. bought at FlightSim Store Order #FSS0271597
  7. how can i use the support forums? im having issues with REX4
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