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  1. I tried remove WWA. Still looks like above shot. So It isn,t caused by WWA. Thanks for your reply.
  2. Thanks for your reply. If I wonder it's not related with wwa HD. then sorry. I have Orbx global, vector and istalled OpenLC Europe1. Any way this pichter after landing egll departure eham today. I did'not take a shot yesterday departure lirf landing egll. Thanks.
  3. Hi. I'v been installed WWA HD and disable texture airport and taxy way at option REX essentail / overdrive. when I lnading at egll taxy texture breken. How can I resolve? thanks.
  4. Hi. I'v been installed REX Essential Plus overdrive. I,m goning to install WAD HD. Is there any problem or tip?
  5. I'm installed REX essential with Reed,s response. Your action is Great! Thanks for Your help. Have a Good day.
  6. Thanks for your answered. First I apologize for misapprehension that reed means a avsim store manager. English not my mother langue. I.m respect your developer. I,m willing to wait for Reed,s response. Have a good day.
  7. Thanks for your answered. I should have been more careful. Around install Window I deleted REX file in the Backup drive with confused about file name. That is a my mistake. Are you telling me reed means untrustworthy people or system? therefor If there is amount time for wait to reponse. Am I going to purchase new one? I can't wait for response. Your REX is important thing for my FSX!
  8. Hi. Your job is Great! I bought REX Essential PLUS with Overdrive at Avsim. # 1797 11 January 2014-01:10AM anyway your REX is great! I,m reinstalled Window on my desk somedays ago. and I log in Avsim store for download But Store is closed. Where Can I redownload REX?
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