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  1. I’m already running it without AS4 or ASCA. This was in AUTO mode..
  2. Thanks very much for the clarification...
  3. As the other two guys have said this is not about weather smoothing (I have setting 5 on that). The clouds (all of them) change size slightly back and forth every couple of seconds. They basically pulsate. It only happens when you change to MAN mode, then go back to AUTO. It’s as if the system is fighting itself.
  4. Further to my last - inbound to Innsbruck this time, forecast heavy rain. At 10,000ft the whole of the mountain valley and airfield clearly visible, just hazy and blue sky. Then at about 20 miles to go things suddenly changed to cloud and heavy rain. In a second. Automatic mode with the mini-UI visible. Britjet.
  5. Could you please clarify the points below? Thanks.. 1) Cloud smoothing only happens in AUTO mode. In MAN mode the weather will change instantly as reported weather changes. 2) If I want to use a Community tweak preset it can only be used in MAN mode. if this is the case I don’t quite see the point of the presets for many users as the cloud smoothing is surely one of the main points of EF? I know a few things can be changed “on the fly” with the mini-UI in AUTO but then a lot of the other Community variables aren’t applied? It seems to me that a lot of the shader and texture potential of the manual mode is lost in AUTO.. Or am I missing something on the mini-UI? Britjet
  6. Thanks for the reply. I’m not absolutely sure about the mini-UI - it was certainly there at the start of the flight, and this was Automation ON. For example I just made a flight into Cancun MMUN which had heavy thunderstorm presence - in Automatic - and a large thunderstorm literally popped into being just 20 miles ahead. I really like what you guys are doing with the atmospheric modelling of SF and the dynamics of EF - but I am finding it difficult to be convinced when this sort of thing happens. I remain optimistic..If I get a similar event I will check the mini-UI. Britjet
  7. I also have this problem - just occasionally. I don’t use any shader programs. Edit: I think I found the problem here - if a preset has been loaded in manual mode with a change in cloud size, and then the system changed back to Auto mode - there seems to be a situation where the clouds pulse between the auto mode setting and the manual setting. Britjet
  8. I’m just using EF, SF and P3D and I am getting regular “blams”. I’m flying jet speeds at jet altitudes, mainly over densely-populated areas. Skies which are partly cloudy change instantly to full overcast or vice versa. I rarely see weather smoothing - cloud structures either pop up in seconds where there previously weren’t any, or I get a “blam” - everything changes instantly. Britjet
  9. I have this occasional almost instantaneous appearance of some clouds as well. It’s usually just the odd cloud here or there amongst the original cloud vista. Using EF and SF only. I also have flights where a full cloud panorama will suddenly clear to blue sky, and then slowly build to something else entirely.
  10. I still get CTD with your latest update. Using Realair Legacy Lancair and Duke. Latest P3DV3.5 with hotfix. If I uninstall P3D works fine. It is definitely the gauge that is causing the crash.. Brit. Simmarket 1465488 2016-05-09
  11. Updated to V3.2.3 and working very nicely! Thanks guys.. Brit
  12. I have P3D V3 Ver Weather advantage radar gives me a message "mv_wx.dll incompatible with this simulator" and will not load. I have tried default and add-on types. Always the same result. Your thoughts, please? Brit (Simmarket purchase 2016-05-09 Order number 1465488
  13. Hello I have fixed the problem with my GUI. It is being caused by the warping software that I am using on projection screens. (I use Fly Elise). I will be contacting them directly about this issue. I can "exclude" REX WX Architect from the warp and then the GUI works fine.. I have cancelled your service session by email. Many thanks for your support! Regards, Brit
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