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  1. Thanks Tim Will have a bash at updating when I get home from work. Cheers dude Do I need to pay to upgrade to REX 4 and what are the benefit's REX 4 Direct has compared to the version I own?
  2. Hi Tim My REX version is 3.2.2013.0415 John
  3. Will do...back home tomorrow will post it then. Yea thinking about it, does look different haha.
  4. Hi Tim I downloaded it from flightsimstore a few days ago. It's called REX essential plus...looks just like the older version I originally had.
  5. Hi all Just want to verify for support. Bought my REX from the flightsimstore Order #FSS0057059 Cheers!
  6. Hey all After years of not playing FSX I recently got back into it because I have a better system. I've recently re-installed windows/fsx...took agaes!!! Installed REX and its looking amazing but wondering if I can upgrade the version I have. Installed REX plus HD from flightsimstore, Is it possible to update or upgrade to a higher version? Just wondering if I have the best version or need to update! Can't wait to get some other addons installed...specifically orbx. Anyone recommend other good addons to download? Anyway...just wanted to say hello to fellow REX users. Cheers!
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