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  1. Dawn/day/dusk textures do not load. It might say it's loaded in the log but I can assure you it's making no/little changes in game. I paid for this and it's not working as it should. I'd hope for a bit more urgency here as feel I've been patient up til now.
  2. Ok, What about tim's comment about only one kind of cloud loading?
  3. Have tried importing textures again. Sky color etc not changing doesn't seem to be loading a long with some clouds. Have also tried installing another users texture set to try.
  4. Yea sure. Thanks for helping I'll do that now. installlog.txtHere is the new install log.....with screenshot example after change.
  5. Sure thing Tim, screens attached. I think that's the right place you mean. Doesn't look as good as I remember. Reckon I am doing something stupidly wrong here.
  6. I apologize for being a bit nippy, frustrated dude sorry. Sure Here it is. installlog.txt
  7. Order Number: FSS0380758 REX - REX 4 | Texture Direct HD: purchased from flight sim store. I'm only using REX4 texture direct. You can see my settings settings with the screens I added. Thanks your reply I'm feeling pretty frustrated I paid for something I can't get to work. Can Install all other addon's with no problems.
  8. Hi guys Just bought REX 4 texture direct thinking it would resolve problems I was having with essentials plus but still no joy. Been a few years since playing fsx and decided to get back into it....I am very frustrating by this issue and have tried many fixes. The textures are not loading into FSX. My fsx is the steam version. FSX.CFG located in appdata/roaming/microsoft/fsx Texture direct is installed on another drive J:/REX Texture Direct. My config in REX is pointing to the FSX folder in Steam Apps. E:\Steam\SteamApps\common\FSX I have tried to Allow full control for users on folders & drives, UAC is never notify and windows firewall is off. Spec: Windows 8.1 x64 I7 950 at 3.8ghz GTX 780ti 12gb ddr3 1600 I have attached files of my settings and some screenshots. I'm really eager to get this resolved and fly because My new system is playing FSX alot better..just need this to work. Hopefully someone can help, Cheers
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