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  1. A goal without a timeline is simply a dream.

  2. RT @IamPreshioloye: Not all men are after sex, Not all men are heartless… Some men want a serious relationship with you. Don’t hate all me…

  3. Only when you give hime that N50 note.

  4. RT @TheFunnyTeens: whoever added this sound effect is going to hell

  5. RT @burnaboy: My bro @iam_Davido don shut down the whole England❗️ These Videos are maaaaaaaaddddddddddddd❗️ Every City super sold out #Ep…

  6. RT @HornyFacts: do u ever love someone so much you just don’t know how to describe it but thinking about them just makes you want to explod…

  7. Seeing other couples getting married just make me wanna get married like right now. https://t.co/HWzXZEdjDu

  8. RT @Alvin_IME: RT if PHCN just took the light in ur area

  9. I feel it coming

  10. RT @ThatsSarcasm: "sorry" vs "I'm sorry" "night" vs "goodnight" "bye" vs "goodbye" "love you" vs "i love you" all have two different me…

  11. I’m not even done with @IamMayorkun ‘s Che Che and @iam_Davido drops FIA... DMW is on FIA season...

  12. When you don’t go within, you go without.

  13. Apologizing does not mean you’re wrong and the other person is right..It just means you value your relationship mor… https://t.co/i1hVJ5nvxX

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