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  1. Yeah but i'm not going to pay 30€ for FSUIPC :/
  2. So there is no possibility to get rid of this wind or whatever causes this problem?
  3. But you think FSUIPC produces this wind respectively overwrites the REX/FSX settings? Maybe I should uninstall it then, but I don't know how this would effect the addons :/
  4. Thanks but unfortunately I don't have this options available. I guess because it the unregistered version!?
  5. @ rstough: de-icing doen't effect this issue @ pete_auau: Yes I have because it was included in the Capsim 757 Addon but I can't turn off winds, just clear all weather and turn weather settings off. Clear all weather removes the loaded REX weather -> the problem is gone Weather settings off seems to do nothing.
  6. Usually not because I fly in summer most of the time.
  7. Yeah a few, all with this message: ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: weathertheme.generateSmoothWTfile Error: System.NullReferenceException: [Object reference not set to an object instance.] at REX.functions.weathertheme.generateSmoothWTfile(String strIcao, String strMagVar, String strLat, String strLont, Int32 intCounter) The text within [ ] was translated because my files are german.
  8. http://s14.directupload.net/images/140217/68vztst5.jpg
  9. No this problem effects both the stock airplanes e.g. the F/A-18 or 737 and third party products e.g. the CS 757 :/
  10. Like I said, I did all of this but the IAS Indicator still goes crazy while useing REX weather. Maybe it's something different than the winds but it's somehow related to REX.
  11. Hey, I got a problem with the wind that REX generates. First of all I want to tell that I'm not a big fan of wind in FSX due to the limited controls with my setup. I'd rather turn it off completely if I don't want to land with wind shears. The problem is, that the REX wind somehow ruins my IAS indicators especially in jets like the 737 or worst in the F/A-18. Sometimes it shows up to 10 kts while standing still or 0 kts even though I'm taxiing already. This gets really annoying while landing or taxiing around the airport, so I decided to disable winds. Of course I deactivated everything in the REX panel that could effect wind generation or set it to minimum but It didn't changed at all. The only way to avoid this, is setting the weather in FSX to clear sky, which also deactivates the REX Weather Engine. Is there any way to get rid of the wind without dispense the awesome Weather Engine? Thanks PS Don't start to argue about it being realistic because I don't care, I play it for fun.
  12. I play while summer 90% of the time, so this doesn't effect the runway bug. Do you have any other idea how to fix it or a thread with a solution? I couldn't find anything about it on google :/
  13. Yes, of course I have the latest drivers. Which part of the display settings? They are german btw... Here is a picutre which shows the difference. The lower screenshot was taken just a few minutes later. The airport is EDNY.
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