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  1. Hello , thanks - you can close it as resolved. Because I don’t use EF anymore. Only use Tomato - for me less settings and nearly the same quality. But maybe in future I give EF a try again 😉 Michael
  2. Hello , Some Points what are for me not solved at the Moment : 1. How can i start my Sim with minimized UI Panel ? 2. A big Performance Hit in Automation Mode is the automatic change of the Cloud Size becaue my Computer I9 9900K / RTX2018Ti goes from 30 FPS to 15 FPS when the Cloud Size comes over 1.0 I use the Cloudset 17 from REX Skyforce with an resolution of 1024bit with DXT5 . 3. The Clouds himself - Why it is not possible to make Clouds which are more FPS friendly ? 4. The Water in Automation Mode is still too light blue . 5. The Cloud Colors at dawn or dusk are too orange . Michael
  3. Hello , For me the Clouds are too orange when i fly in dusk. Which Setting from EF can reduce this effect ? Thanks . Michael
  4. Hello , I use the Version 2.0 from EF . As a Beta tester. Therefore i write it here down for bringing an feedback 🙂 Thanks Michael
  5. Hello , There is an Problem when REX EF is installed but not startet before P3D when u then start an PMDG Aircraft . You become only the Windows Loading Circle , but nothing more happens. Can you check this please . Is it normal . Think it has something to do with the Shaders . Michael
  6. Hello, For me an very nice Feature will be an HDR on / off Switch on the Automatic Mode Main Window where the other switches was . The advantage for me will be that I can use Tomato HDR as usual. With this switch its then possible to let 3rd Party tools his HDR job and the sim can start without EF HDR . Michael
  7. Thank you . You can set it as solved . Michael
  8. Hello , A question about some ( maybe ) double Options in SF and EF . In bot Programs you can find the Option "Sync Cloud Models" Which should i use ? Which Programs do i need to start before P3D ? Only AS for Engine and EF or SF too ? Why you build in the both Programs nearly the same Options e.g. Cloud Typs , Cloud resolutions , Cloud Sync . Is it not possible to bring the Programs a little bit easier ?!? Michael
  9. Hello , Again an HDR Problem. In Version 1.1 the HDR on Setting for me is again too bright . Therefore i want to turn it off again. In Version 1.0 with HDR off i have an very good Environment together with Tomato and RD Preset 1.8. But when i update EF to Version 1.1 and turn off HDR its not the same. Much more darker overall . And yes i do an Recompile HDR . Normaly it should be the same ? Correct. Both Tests was made in Automatic Mode . Here are some Screenshots . Each the first Screenshots with HDR off in Version 1.0 of EF ( on the first Picture , look at the Mountain in behind , and the Grass in Front ) Each the second Screenshots with HDR off in Version 1.1 ( On Picture 5 , look again on the Mountain and on the Grass in Front - much darker . ) There you see the difference very much . Look at the Plane , is also darker on the each second Picture. What can i do for changing this ? Thanks Michael
  10. Only one Question to REX , why it is not possible to start EF with HDR off ? Then there are less Problems . And when somebody wants to use it he can switch it on . Michael
  11. So , After installing yesterday evening EF 1.1 on P3Dv4.5 i have no more CTDs . I think the reason is that LM do some changes in the Shader Part and EF Version 1.1 is tested and produced together with 4.5 not 4.4 . When now the Option "recompile HDR" is pressed , i become an black Screen for 1 Minute and then its ok . Therefore i can confirm that it works under Version 4.5 from P3Dv4.5 Michael
  12. I updated yesterday Evening P3D to 4.5 . On the Evening i install EF again and do an Test , Stay tuned . Michael
  13. Hello , Follow . I have the same Problem . Michael
  14. Hmm , ok - then the Version of P3D is not the Reason . Ok REX what now ? Michael
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