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  1. I had developed some problems with P3Dv4.4 and finally uninstalled it and updated to P3Dv4.5. I have been running Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds (rextdcc_sp7_20170818), but uninstalled it before installing 4.5. Can I reinstall my texture direct file into 4.5 or is their an update to my current REX download? Is there another product you would recommend? REX was the only weather addon I had with 4.4 and I was happy with just that. Just want to reinstall the correct REX file into my new P3D installation. Thanks for the advice, Mike Nicholson, Jetline Systems PC, 4.20 Intel 4 Core i7-7700k CDU, Nividia GTX 1060 6GB card, 32722 mbs memory, Windows 10- 64bit, Prepar3D v4.5
  2. This actually concerns my installation of Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds onto my traveling Windows 10 MSI laptop. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to install my FSX set up on the laptop before I left home and would have been able to just refer to a lot of the stuff from my Windows 7 PC. My problem is in completing the REX set up page. The page automatically reflected the correct path to FSX. My question relates to browsing to the Weather.exe file. At home I use HiFi as the weather engine and the setup page allows me to input that. However, on my laptop I just use the FSX weather with REX Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds. There is no weather.exe to browse to. I tried just browsing to MS Flight Simulator X, but it would not do it, and I couldn't get it to accept that. I went through installing all my textures in a theme and allegedly installing it into FSX though. So, do I need to actually put anything into this line in the Setup which wants me to browse to the weather engine, or it seems like one time in the past I just browsed to my FSX files? I think I'll download the new REX airport program while I'm waiting for some advice. Will appreciate any advice, Mike Nicholson
  3. I'm running (was) Texture Direct(TD) HD w/Soft Clouds FSX with ASN. I purchased TD 1/24/15 from simMarket (Order #1275763) running Windows 7 (64bit). Both programs have just performed to my complete satisfaction. Last week I received an email from simMarket telling me to install the above update. I followed simMarket to the letter. I used Internet Download Manager, and have never had a problem with it. I went ahead and uninstalled TD, downloaded the update and right clicked on the exe file to install it. I got the forum referred to box telling me the software was not compatible with my system and to check with the software publisher to see if I had 32 or 64, etc... I had checked in the Properties tab of the download to make sure it was set to Windows 7, my Users Account Control is turned off and I right clicked to do it all as Administrator. I downloaded it again with the same results. I had saved my 1/24/15 zip so I figured I'd just install it again and do it the way I should have the first time. Guess what? I got the same box. I then went back to my simMarket account figuring I would try downloading my 1/24/15 pruchase and get the update through REX, but the only download I could access to was the update. So now I am stuck. Any advise will be appreciated. Mike N
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