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  1. UPDATE: Just reran upgrade package with modify option and it seems to have restored my REX.exe. Thank you guys for including a smart upgrade packer. Reran updater as admin and two updates worked bumping me all the way to 3.7 Sorry for the bandwidth...
  2. I just successfully upgraded version 2.5.2010.1027 to REX 3.5.2012.1029. Upgrade went great. Ran the autoupdater and selected correct version and location. Updater ran and at the end of the update the message was roughly something like "REX installation could not be verified, contact forum admin." Reran updater to see if problem persisted and it says REX is up to date. Great. Went to run REX to check things out and windows says something like REX.exe is not valid win32 application. Checked REX.exe in its folder and sure enogh, it's not a valid anything, it's 0kb. Auto updater really does not like me and my status of not being verified. Not sure why I'm not verified and what it is verifying me against, and especially not sure why it would null out my .exe file when that is quite an important item. --running FSX on 64-bit win7 machine, all fsx sp/ updates are current. --latest fsuipc. --not overclocked machine --overall very few other addons --6gig ram --not networked --lots of free hdd space --good internet connection --no AV or firewall running --UAC off --REX on F: (outside of x86 folder) fsx on C: (inside x86 folder) --did not run as admin on upgrade etc. but 2.5->3.5 worked well --havent changed settings drastically in newest version since upgrade Q: Why would the updater now think I'm up to date when there is invalid .exe file. It should verify size as it looks at config profiles for currency and version. It's now being fooled too. Still cannot post to actual support forum so just seeing if anybody else has been bitten by this type of problem...
  3. dave austerman fs pilot shop Order Number: 309614 MODERATOR EDIT: PLEASE CHECK YOUR MAIL HERE ON OUR FORUM.
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