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  1. Hi ols500 ! This seems to be a settings issue,rather than a program issue.Seen this before but forgot how to solve it. Scott
  2. @AnkH Hi Chris! While the guys from REX are investigating your issue,you may find the time to join the REX discord channel, where I am often in.I really would like to help you,as EF is a very powerful program. I guess you're in Switzerland so your time of the day should be the same as mine in Germany. Regards, Scott
  3. Can't tell you what settings are responsible for that,but it is for sure a question of the settings. Tell you that,because I got rid of it. Scott
  4. Hi John! Just to clearify,when you have the Manual Lighting enabled,you CAN'T change the daytime in the sim. Scott
  5. Try a Community preset,perhaps one of mine,called Scott 11 or 12. I have these kind of flickering also with some Community presets. Scott
  6. Also no probs here.Didn't change anything. Scottman
  7. Hi guys! Some good looking presets from the community are flickering. Any ideas what settings within P3D could cause them? Scott
  8. Hallo Frank! Ich hatte das auch mal.Ich glaube nach einem reboot war wieder alles ok. Versuch macht klug. Had that once too,I beleave a reboot did the trick.Give it a try. Scott
  9. The answer is: You do NOT need PTA or Tomato Shade. Environment can do this for you, more or less.I myself do not use TomatoShade anylonger. Scott
  10. Following all instructions means,you did all installations with admin rights? Scott
  11. Hi Dreamliner! Where is the problem? Just click on "load variables" and it is there. Scott
  12. Hello Bruno! You can buy that P3D extension and use it without any risk in P3Dv3. You can also use it in P3D v4.4 on your own risk.That's what I do for a long time now. Scott
  13. I do not think so, as I am having the same problem. Scott
  14. Hello ! Everything as suggested,no change.As soon as I leave the configuration page and go back,it is back to P3Dv3. Scott
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