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  1. Thanks,Galen!! Look out for my FB site" Flightsim Pictures Scott" for more. Scott
  2. Hallo Eberhard !

    Frohe Weihnachten!

    Ich habe Dir eine Kontaktanfrage auf Skype gestellt.(Mit Skype habe ich allerdings wenig Erfahrung)

    Ich hätte eine Frage bezüglich eines Repaintfehlers,der nur bei mir auftritt.




    P.S.Ich bin übrigens ein guter Freund von UK Snapper Tom.

  3. Hi Scott,

    I'd like to know what sky textures do you use, since the screenshots you upload are pretty amazing.

  4. Thanks very much. If I would buy the newest version of REX plus HD ( 3.4.2014.1211 ? ) could I still install this expansion pack. Regards, Scott
  5. Hi guys! As mentioned above ,is there a difference between them, or is it the same.? Scott
  6. Now I am ready!! REX4 # FSS 255503 Scott
  7. New attempt REX4 FSS order 255503 Order is still pending :-( since Dec25th. Scott MODERATOR EDIT: Once funds go through you will be verified. If you have further questions in regards, please contact the vendor.
  8. REX4 Flightsimstore FSS 25503 Scott MODERATOR EDIT: There seems to be a number missing. Please advise. Yes,One number is missing. I will post a new post,okay? Scott
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