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  1. I think that the REX moderators are just about to close this thread!
  2. I still say that we'll be seeing the first pictures of the new and upgraded for P3D 4.1 by December of this year; full release in January 2018.
  3. Wow. Apparently REX is so scared about other companies stealing their idea/product that they are willing to literally lose customers to not say anything about it almost 2 years after it was first announced; except that it is in intense beta testing. What makes you think that other companies won't steal your product and it's objective after SkyForce is released? Are you just not going to release it in this case? Other companies make offshoots of already released products all the time. I hope that for REX's sake that this SkyForce3D is worth the wait and all of the hype upon release.
  4. My best guess based on the past few months: When P3D version 4.2 releases, we'll most likely start seeing the first photos of the pre-release product. Seriously though, I'm very strongly getting the feeling as though SkyForce3D is progressing just like Star Citizen is. REX is just going to keep adding more and more features and they'll get so into it that they forget how simple the original product was supposed to be like. Instead of keeping to the original and building on it with progressive patches throughout the year, it'll probably be End of November/Beginning of December-ish of this year before we see anything. I have great interest in this product and I feel that it will get released eventually (hopefully before 2018 starts), but guys, it's radio silence here and ATC needs to know what NAV point you are holding at in IMC so that nobody damages anything. You've been in the air for a long time but eventually you need to land or you're going to run out of fuel. We don't want that to happen.
  5. REX Sky Force 3D

    This mentioned SkyForce product is really gathering dust.
  6. My best guess is that they will start rolling out the first details of skyforce when they go into final, final beta testing in December of this year. We'll probably be seeing this release in mid to late 2018. All joking aside though, I've seriously been ready to pay for this for a very long time now so I really hope it is worth the wait and all the hype.
  7. REX Sky Force 3D

    I'm actually starting to believe that there isn't an actual product being developed here. There have been no updates on it for a very long time, and the screenshots which were supposed to be here by now are nowhere to be seen. There are just generic responses to progress. Since we have no evidence that such a product exists and is in beta/close to release, there is extreme reason for concern, especially given the time that has elapsed. Why is this thread in the preview screenshots section if there is nothing to be seen? You guys seriously can't even give us a few photos? I don't understand. Last year you teased photos and nothing has happened regarding the competition. Why can't you now? Like it was said above; nobody is going to just steal your idea and develop something in a month that's even close to what you're supposedly developing. You are aware of how extremely difficult it is to develop a product that someone else is doing solely from photos right? It's near impossible. I, too, believe that something very suspicious is going on. That's because last year in June you posted a teaser and prelim photos for this product! A year ago! And nobody has stolen the idea! What's so different about releasing photos before the product is even close to release vs releasing them when it's "near" release? Something just doesn't sound right here. Are you even making progress on development or just saying it? Without any proof of the product, we as customers feel lied to when you tell us that you'd be showing us everything that you've been working on. We'd be way more appreciative of the vague status updates if there was more transparency about what was going on. Nobody is going to steal your skyforce idea with a simple, "We have just entered beta testing. The features that we implemented are working very well, so we should be posting photos here very shortly. Our aim is within the next couple weeks." Something like that will automatically make everyone feel better about the project. I remember when the rstough person had a post from June stating that it wouldn't be much more of a wait before release and that they weren't talking months. That has since been deleted. You guys worry WAY too much about this supposed "competition." It's almost August and we have seen nothing. It was supposed to be "not much longer of a wait." But here we are almost a month later from supposedly entering beta testing and all there is to be seen are responses stating that beta testing is getting better and better. A reply from April 11th from rstough stated, "Once we move into beta testing we will begin to expose the details behind Sky Force." Is the project not yet in beta? Now with all of that being said, my comment will probably be deleted as well. If it is deleted, oh well. Just know that your customers are growing very impatient for data that you said would be shown. It's difficult for us to believe something exists based solely on "beta testing is getting better and better."
  8. Support Verification

    REX 4 Texture Direct - PCAviator.com Order #355483