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  1. Great news! +1 looking for the Weather Radar
  2. I really miss this REX textures. Sim is so "cartoon" without it...
  3. I´ve read several forums indicating that they will work just pointing to V4 root folder. But after reading this, and after a forced reinstall i am doing now, i´d preffer to wait for it.... Imagine a future update is released. Think about problems you might have.... of imagine a full reinstall... I would recommend to hold on until is official...
  4. Looking forward for REX compatibility for P3DV4... Thanks for support.... This will be interesting.
  5. My POs at SImmarket: REX - REX4 TEXTURE DIRECT HD FSX P3DV1 P3DV2 1085017 REX - SOFT CLOUDS FSX P3D 1356406 Txs