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  1. Partially agree.... Except for this: The CB estructure grows up to and higher than FL380, and im approaching to it confirmed visually and ASP4. So, 1 deg, 5 deg, 15 deg....or zero Deg.... for sure some precipitation feedback is expected to be visible. Will test a bit more after my current flight paying attention to your comment and testing specifically about how high storm is.... Txs
  2. I mean, its a radar product... it it supposed to detect the dangerous weather at the end. Here another picture(intension to get it revised): Flying F380 Through the Caribbean, a huge cumulonimbus in front of me, visible in the sim and ASP4, but noting showing in the radar, not even tilting it down, up, middle, etc... Nothing to show.... So you got to pay attention to your flight through ASP4, because the radar is not showing anything, specially at night, when you actually cant see outside.... WX Radar becomes useless.... :-( Another example: Still F380, huge storm in front of me, and i got to tilt it fully down and barelly can see the cumulonimbus in front of me like 3 dots..... can not see the surrounding precipitations around, but im feeling like riding a horse already: So, if its top down, even worse i would say.... Anyway. i hope devs to look at this. Txs
  3. For expl, on 25NM.... Tilting all the way down i see this: So if a tilt all the way down, i see what i have in front of me?... More testing to come...
  4. Thanks, i will be sending some more pictures. I liked TomL post. Ive noticed that if i tilt it way down or up, you dont really have any feedback until you are inside the thing... Will send more pictures as i test a bit more... Looking forward for specialist advice... Txs
  5. Definitelly, i tilted it all the way down. As a real life Engineer, i understand perfectly how it works, but trust me, it is not really behaving like it should. And yes, in the ASP4 side you can see i turned on precipitations into the Map View, so you are looking at rainfall indeed. But it is not depicting anything. Here another example, another flight arriving to Tahiti: In the image you can see the plane in the middle of the ASP4 map view, clearly you see what is clouds and what is precipitations. At that point and using -2 deg tilt down, it wouldnt show anything because the plane is leaving the precipitation area, but i tested it all the way before that point, tilting it down, increasing range and there was nothing on the radar..... i didnt wat to miss the chance to take the screenshot, so...there it is... Lets see another one: In the image above, arriving to Wellington/NZ, you can see visibility layers(green, yellow-check left side leyend), but also precipitation spots(right side leyend), and very strong rainfall upon arrival which is the biggest cloud on the top left corner of ASP4 vmap view(the lonely one, just in front of my learjet which is in the middle of the ASP4 screen). Even tilting it down, increasing range.... radar was not showing anything as you can see in the image above. This is how it was like upon arrival: I noticed that just before landing.... about 6NM..... the radar started depicting something.. the colour of the shapes was green, but i felt like riding hell's horse!!!! so i would color those shapes RED instead, bloddy red!!!! lol.... In any case, not working normally, as you said its a radar beam comming out and back, should reflect density of the clounds, but... look: Very difficult landing, but concerned about where i was really flying into.... dangerous turbulent clouds, or just friendly sugar cumulus.... lol I did reinstalled it, last version from REX forum link, but the behavior is the same.... Well, no more ideas... I will take more pictures and share....may be something good comes out of this... Thanks for support
  6. Hello, I use ASP4 + REX SKF + REX/MV Advantage Radar... My problem is this: I disabled the weather engine in REX SKF, updated the radar(it wad updated indeed) but the radar is not showing anything: I see the clouds depiction is very precise.... you can compare both pictures.... the last img was taken lefting the cumulonimbus behind..... so it is precise, but i cant see anything in the radar... not even tilting a bit the angle.... After clicking weather radar/version info, i get 1.40.41 inside the sim. Different from 1.1.2018.0725 which is the final version i downloaded. Just in case its wrong... Thanks for support
  7. I reviewed my add-on liveries and i can see this time i picked up an A2A original pack one.... Definitely got to test it!
  8. Of course no problem. That is A2A C182 ....
  9. Thank you, i´d wait for the full version, while enjoying the Soft clouds i already have. Thanks for quick response... :-)
  10. Hello, I have PO3D V4 and i dont have installed anything but my separate REX soft could. So my questions are: 1- So i should install first both? REX 4 Texture Direct – SP6 Hotfix 4 (Build: 4.6.2016.0928) & REX 4 Texture Direct – SP6 Hotfix 5 (Build: 4.6.2017.0725) 2- And after that, i download the file and install?: http://rexgamestudios.mediafire.com/file/j6ie1cq523qb5xy/rextd_sp7_20170814.zip Right? And, installing older Hotfix 4 and 5 will not harm my V4 at all? I mean, at some point it requested to find V3 folder i think (past installs). I first bought all REX products at Simmarket, so they dont have Hotfix4 available (Only 5), and i am not sure if it is updated... Sorry, but i dont understand why to have separate installer, seems a bit confusing to me and i definitely dont want to mess with my V4 textures, as for sure is very very sensible about it... Very very recommended a full installer (so no need to walk-around). Thanks in advance...
  11. Looking forward for the Update. I use REX4 and a separate copy of Soft Clouds.
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