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  1. Ok...my apologies here because once I get really close to the lights I can see the effect is different. For some reason I remember it being much more obvious in the past but they all kind of look the same now. You can see the effects once you get very close up. Maybe something is different in 4.5..?? Anyway, sorry for the trouble! Eric
  2. Hi Reed - I don't see a 'Log' folder in there, just several backup, install and restore logs. Also, the dates on all of those file transfers are old in the log I posted. There are no recent transfers as I have tried to change some stuff recently.
  3. I assume you mean which version of WWA which is 5.1.2018.0725. Reed, I see something called 'installtexturelog' in my REX WWA folder so I have attached that for you. Oddly, it shows a lot of older entries and nothing recent...??? installtexturelog.txt
  4. Hi guys - I just noticed that I am unable to change the runway lights with WWA. I have the same (assuming default set every time) I even tried my old TD and could not get that to load new lights either. I wasn't sure if this was a know issue or not. I have the latest version of WWA and using P3D 4.5 with h/f. Thanks! Eric
  5. I don't have the latest EF beta installed but I think what you are seeing is the HDR adaptation effect where it is trying to simulate your pupil adjusting to the different light levels. I personally always hated this effect in P3D while using HDR. I get what it is trying to simulate but it doesn't look natural on a screen. I think REX EF should include a switch to turn off this effect. PTA has a setting where you can disable and I have always used it so I would have to guess it is possible.
  6. HI guys - I have had all kinds of issues with EF and finally had to completely remove it (not so easy) and get back to what I thought was my normal sim. I just noticed at an addon airport that utilizes PBR materials (LVFR KMSY) that all of the PBR textures now have a very shiny metallic bleedthrough. This was not the case before I installed EF last week. What could possibly cause this?? I am a PTA user which was the cause of many of my early issues but all original shaders have been restored since my EF uninstall. This seems a bit similar to the other PBR problems some were having but I have not seen a solution. Federico..I saw your post about PBR issues and to send a PM but I do not have the ability to PM you it seems.....thanks for any help..
  7. A few of you are coming down on Nyxx but I have a very similar if not the same issue although I use PTA and not Tomato. I am stuck with no control over my HDR lighting within the sim and even within the MinUI. Your 2 minute solution was tried by me several times and it does not fix the problem in my case. I cannot return my sim to Pre-EF and it is likely due to a conflict with a setting in PTA I had. Deleting, restoring shaders, reinstall of P3D client has no effect. It can be a little frustrating when you lose control of your sim settings and cannot restore them so I know where Nyxx is coming from. I am not upset at REX, I'm a long-time supporter and love their products and they provide great support. I am sure I will love EF when things are straightened out. There are a handful of us with outside shader programs that obviously can cause quite a major glitch but we are in the minority as I see that many are using the program and it seems to work perfectly. Sorry for the rambling but it's not just Nyxx that had this issue and the fix is not that simple.
  8. Yeah, same issue here as PTA is not working with EF. They are working on a fix but in my case I cannot get my sim back to how it was. Try restoring default P3D shaders through PTA as that might fix the grey colors.
  9. Hi - Do you have full control of HDR lighting settings within P3D now? Also, were you able to restore your old shaders? I cannot accomplish either of these things even after the client reinstall and removal of EF.....
  10. Reed - My .dll looked the same but see attached pic of what my sim looked like after deleting that section. Sorry to latch on to this thread but my problem is exactly the same as Talos and was about to start a new topic about it. Eric
  11. I'll jump in here as well as I have spent hours trying to get back to a default. I have uninstalled/reinstalled EF and I have also uninstalled/reinstalled P3D client. I've lost all control of any HDR lighting in the sim as well. I just want to get back to default and use my PTA profile but I cannot get rid of the EF shaders as they have taken over and cannot be overwritten even with the EF turned off and even unistalled. I tried what David (Nyxx) suggested as he had the same problem but I am not having any luck. Thanks!
  12. Hi David - Thanks for the reply...I did see your topic as well but did not see that you possibly found a solution. Unfortunately in my case this is not working. Manual Lighting was in fact off and I switched it on. I shut down P3D and cleared shaders/applied my PTA preset and I am back to a greyed out VC and everything is washed out!! So something is still taking over my shaders even with EF shut down. So if I then reset back to P3D default shaders the grey VC is fixed but the EF shaders are still lingering along with the HDR washed out look....and EF is not running.... 😕
  13. I understand there is an issue but why can I not apply my PTA presets any longer even with EF not running?? Deleting the shaders and applying my PTA preset will no longer work. I should be able to revert to my old sim in the meantime but it appears I cannot...??
  14. Hi guys - Not sure if this is similar to the grey-out problem (I also posted about that in another thread). I tried to reset my shaders back to what I was using before in PTA but it appears EF, even with it closed has superseded my old settings. Is this supposed to be the case? I installed my old preset and cleared the shaders and it appears like the the shaders EF initially installed are still there. Until EF is made compatible with PTA, I'd like to go back to using my preset...thanks! Eric
  15. Hi Federico - I have posted my PTA .ini for you. The grey panel happened to me with only a couple options activated in PTA. I have 'VC lighting/saturation', 'Urban night lighting' and 'Turn off HDR Luminance Adapt effect' activated only in PTA. Restoring my original P3D shaders fixes the issue but it seems applying this profile will cause the grey-out. Thanks for your help! Eric EF.ini
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