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  1. I just happened to go to their store and saw the Add to Cart button after 1 refresh, I may have been the first purchaser Downloading now!! Reed and Tim, sit back with a drink and watch the money come rolling in....
  2. The comments in here are pretty disappointing to read. I am as excited as anyone else and have been since they announced this at FS Con last year. I have been a REX supporter for a long time.....and things get delayed, it happens. What's another 48 hours at this point?? Maybe it's the world of "I want it and want it now" that we live in, I'm not sure. Also, why demand a price or more pics and videos?? Let the guys work to release it! It's fair to say the price may be around it's competitor's price or probably even much less according to some of Reed's comments a few days ago. If it's $50, $60 or $80 what difference does it make right now before it is released?? If people are hung up on price then they are in the wrong hobby. Go enjoy yourself and/or families/friends for the next day or two and come back. To the REX team, good luck and Happy New Year!
  3. Tim - The manual is very nicely done! I can see how it took 3 years to accomplish all of this!! Sounds absolutely amazing and I am sure it will not disappoint....looking forward to release ! Eric
  4. The cloud portion of REX TD will no longer be needed as Skyforce has all new models/textures. You don't necessarily need to uninstall TD though as REX TD could still be used for all of the other airport textures, etc.
  5. Reed mentioned in a post on Avsim a few days ago the release will likely be after Xmas so I'm not expecting anything until sometime during the week. That probably makes sense anyway as they will need to provide support and make sure the storefront is up and running smoothly and I can't see them doing that over Xmas day. Either way, we will all be rewarded soon enough. Merry Xmas to the REX team and forum members!
  6. Really looking forward to this! I am flying right now and one thing I hope SkyForce fixes are the tiny fair weather cumulus clouds showing up at 30k feet!! ( I am looking at them right now!!)These are rarely above 7-8k feet IRL. I am using another WX engine/cloud texture product and this has always been an issue among many others. I guess this has to do with the known problems in displaying cloud models and the default SDK lack of models so I am confident this will be solved by the REX guys...I hope!!
  7. Incredible work guys! I just read through the entire website and have to say this goes much deeper than I expected! WOW!!! Credit card is ready...
  8. Great to hear Tim....looking forward to the unveiling!
  9. Great to hear this Reed. I know the feeling and as good as your competitor's WX/Cloud product is I still feel like a lot is missing as WX is such a huge part of flying. The many different cloud types you see, those low dark clouds on a rainy day and yes..... those towering thunderheads Very much looking forward to seeing an improved flying environment!
  10. Just a guess on my part but I think we at least have to wait until P3D 4.1 is released in a couple weeks for any further news or updates. Several developers are awaiting this update as there are improvements and fixes that were needed for some products (FSL A320, etc) to be updated/released for V4. This may not be true for REX but it seems like developers would want to make sure things are working smoothly with the latest P3D update.
  11. OK, so basically you install each separately and they will be releasing a new integration tool...got it! Thank you
  12. Have added that info...thank you!
  13. Hey guys - I'm a little confused on what to do here. I bought REX TD way back in late 2013. At some point later you released soft clouds which I purchased but it was separate from REX TD. Then I recall there was a patch that integrated soft clouds into REX TD. What would someone in my shoes do in this case?? I initially bought REX TD from PCAviator. Thanks!
  14. Great news Reed! Looking forward to getting back to using REX TD! So those of us that previously had soft clouds integrated with TD should wait for the Soft Clouds version?? Thanks!
  15. REX Sky Force 3D

    Wow...has it been a year already??? Still amazed by the video and I am sure you have made it even better since then.. Looking forward to finding out all the details and to start using this in P3Dv4!!