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  1. rlaycock

    RESOLVED Thanks for Sky Force 3D

    Hi all I just feel the need to add that after using this product now for several months I still am amazed at the quality, and variety of the clouds and sky textures etc. Thanks again REX
  2. rlaycock

    RESOLVED Thanks for Sky Force 3D

    Hi You are welcome. My words are sincere Regards Bob
  3. Hi all Thanks for Sky force 3D Over the years I have had many weather add-ons and enjoyed all of them. However I feel Sky force 3D tops the lot. I don't usually use any live weather engine but the variety of clouds with SF3D is amazing. Thanks and keep up the good work. Bob
  4. rlaycock

    Support Verification

    Hi my order number is BENKTXFYG orded from REX Store