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  1. Hi .. its been a while since i last used P3d as i finished a new computer build... i have just installed fresh windows 10 X64 and P3D v4.1 and was looking to install my REX products which i purchased from PCAviatorDOTcom.. when i goto download the product it says Unavailable product This product is unavailable or temporary disabled. and i am unable to find a download link?? can anyone help provide a link to download the software? Thanks in Advance Caos
  2. I managed to get in istalled after downloading the zip file.. the problem now i am facing is that every time i try to load a theme or environment i get an error message i have installed REX4 in D:\ where as P3D in in the defualt C:\ folder the texture wont install ?
  3. The download manager called Free Download Manager . there is no zip or rar files. the files are not compressed but rather Cab file format rexte1.cab rexte2.cab rexte3.cab rexte4.cab rextexturedirect_sc_20150115.msi Setup.exe is there any other place i may download this product other than from the useless PC Aviator server?
  4. First of all i purchased the software via PC Aviator .. i never again will i deal with them... it took me 3 days to download a half corrupted file as i was getting a "Limit of connections to this server is reached" message and though i have a 100MB/s fibre optic connection the best i could get to download the file was 4Kbs.. that being sad i emailed them a few time but no response!!!! how ever getting the the issue i download the software again (better speeds this time around) and when i go to install REX4 i get the following error (extracted from the log file): i downloadt he files a number of time via a download manager and each time i get the same error. My Sys is as follows: Windows 8.1 Pro x64 32Gb DDR3 P3D v2 install path is other than c: e.g, D:\XXX\REX4
  5. P3Dv2.2 is isntalled ion C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2 REX is installed in E:\Sim Addons\REX Essential Plus Overdrive both folder where the programs resides have full privileges wihtin the security folder option within windows just for you information i have a similar issue with FS Force and the developer, After a bit of research with Google, found that there is a known bug with P3D since v2.1, whereby the legacy Simconnect interface is not being included in the install package.. this could be a related bug is its related to Simconnect... Ok now i have managed to locate the SimConnect.msi and install it. now everything seems ok up untill P3D starts then a message box appears when i press "ok" the generated weather disappears ....
  6. No still the same issue after updating : error code:
  7. The 1 st Full Error Report is as follows: When i press continue the second full error report : GENERAL REX QUESTIONS 1.) What REX Build # (Located on ABOUT screen)? : 3.6.2013.0415 2.) What Weather Mode (WX PLUS/STANDARD)? 3.) Installed Full Version or Upgraded from Previous Version? FULL Version 4.) Confirm UAC (User Account Control) set to never notify? Installed on E: drive with full privilidges for the users (folder permissions) 5.) Confirm Run REX as Administrator? YEs... Affirmative!!! 6.) Confirm RATE AT WHICH WEATHER CHANGES OVER TIME in FSX/P3D is set to none? Confirmed SET to Disabled WINDOWS SET UP QUESTIONS 1.) Which Windows Operating System? Windows : 8.1 Pro X64 2.) RAM memory size?: 32GB Quad channel 3.) Video card and memory size? 2 x GTX590 Qaud SLI config 4.) Overclocking?: None (for now ) 5.) Total hard drive space? P3D v2 installed on Revodrive Hybrid/SSD 1TB REX Install on a separate WD 7200rpm 1TB HDD 6.) Using REX in a network or not? No 7.) Which version of Flight Simulator installed (including service packs)? P3D V2.1.9936.0 just about to update to 2.2 in the next few days 8.) Internet connection active or not? YES 100MB fiber optic connection 9.) Which antivirus software running? Norton Internet Security 10.) Whether or not firewall running? Yes program has been added to the firewall rules table to allow always 11.) Whether or not you are utilizing FSUIPC? YES FSUIPC V4.929 12.) Folder REX is installed? E:\Sim Addons\REX Essential Plus Overdrive 13.) Folder FSX/P3D installed? C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2 (both folder where the programs resides have full privileges wihtin the security folder option within windows) And yes still having the same issues
  8. I formated my PC and re installed Windows 8.1 with P3dv2.1 then installed REX on another disk i.e e:\ drive) within the security setting gave the user and adminstrator full rights and open REX with "run as administrator" everything seems fine just that after setting up the wx and then press fly now ... i get a window Unhandled exception has occurred..... The specific module can not be found (exception from HRESULT:0x8007007E when i press continue REX crashes and closes.... any help would be appreciated...
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