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  1. It happens to me as you do! Fixed waves without movement. EF is great but they should solve this problem! Thank you
  2. Gentlemen, re-install EF. So I solve the problem.
  3. Hi guys, I already have EF !. First, congratulate the REX team for the great work done. The simulator looks like another. I have basically a couple of doubts. Should I have EF turned on while I run Prepar right? And my other doubt, in automatic mode how can I touch the HDR to make it less intense? Thaks and sorry for my English
  4. I do not understand very well that ?? I have TD and apart I have Soft Clouds. Does it serve me like this?Sorry for my english
  5. I have Texture Direct textures installed. It is necessary to make a backup of the textures and leave the originals of Prepar before installing EF.
  6. Aaahhh ok friend. No, I do not use any shadow program. I only use FS Global Real Weather, Texture direct, Soft clouds .... Sorry for my English Spanish
  7. Hi guys. I have read in several forums that there are people who, before installing EF, uninstall the client in Prepar and install it again. Is it necessary to do that ??
  8. To not open another thread. EF also works with FS Global Real Weather ?? Thank you!
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