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  1. Just wanted you all to know Updating through the "check for updates" and extracting into a temp folder  and then installing worked just fine for me,  after learning a old lesson 

    to make sure you check  the Bullet point to V4 , Looked at quite a few different Themes and looks Enhanced to me !!!!   Great job guys !!!!!

  2. HI All,


    I'm running Texture Direct with Soft clouds and i'm getting a square around my sun. seems to be something to

    do with a texture. I have tried all the different settings but no luck there.


    Using 337.88 driver and everything looks to be up to date, i have checked my settings in the Config panel.


    Any Help would be Appreciated.





    N517MB-PC-2015-mar-25-002.jpg N517MB-PC-2015-mar-25-002.jpg

  3. I Just Re-installed  Everything and now Nothing works,     4.0.2013.1214 I was better off hours ago. 





    EDIT:   now back to 4.2.2014.0520     shows i"m updated  How do i install SP3  ????????



  4. HI All,


    I'm trying to update to but I'm getting a "Could not locate cabinet in steam disk1.cab." I took a quick look but didn't see anything about this error. I'm not sure if i have missed something or have improperly updated something from a previous SP.


    Any Help would be appreciated, I can't fly without my REX.


    All the Best.


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