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  1. hI, No worries, just surprised as it is not usual... I am currently airborne with my Carenado C208 online on VATSIM. Willingly I started a fresh session (not previously saved) with a weather with cloud generated by AS16. No return at all, above pictures are valid... May that be related to weather from AS16 ? Cheers
  2. Hi, Find attached screenshots in sequence: Aircraft selected C208' When I switch it on test mode, I have something Once I switch to ON, I have a thick line for 1 second and then nothing. I restarted P3D and selected another aircraft (DA40) and it worked initially then failed as well.
  3. Hi, I reinstalled the software and ""surprisingly"" it worked for the DA40 (gauge and weather data). As for the C208B, P3D did not crash, the gauge is available but I had no weather data, only the TEST worked. Attached the requested files. Regards Bruno gauge_installer_log.txt installlog.txt installlogmod.txt
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply, I was busy and could not reply earlier. I will reinstall the software, try it again and send you the requested files. Regards Bruno
  5. Hi, I have installed the latest version of WX Advantage Radar purchased on your store and downloaded from there. Nothing to report regarding the install which run well (apparently). After configuration, I launched P3D whose loading run as usual. I selected one aircraft withthe gauge installed (C208 Carenado). When going to Aircraft/Instrument/WX Radar gauge, P3D crashed. I tried with another aircraft (DA40 Alabeo) and it did the same. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and tried again... and P3D still crashed to desktop. So I have definitely uninstall it until you tell me what to do. Thanks in advance Bruno
  6. Hi, I just installed REX Worldwide airports on P3V3.4 simulator and am facing a big question : Is it installed correctly I proceeded as per recommended in the manual, setup the software with ono issue. Then I prepared my first texture set and saved it... Impatient to see the result, I positioned my aircraft at different airfields (Dalian in China, Orly in France, JFK in US and none of them showed me the textures that I selected... even none in showing jetways... Can you help understanding the situation Thanks in advance Bruno P3D V3.4 on SSD512-W10.64/Add-ons on HDD 2To Intel Core I7+3770K, RAM16Gb, NVidia GTX1070, Surround 3x27inc, Saitex: X55, Yoke Pro, Multi panel, Rudder pedals, GF Throttle.
  7. Hi, Yes, I purchased the bundle, have installed the required updates but did not yes install REX4 and Clouds... Should be done in the coming days, Thanks
  8. Thanks a lot for this clarification... So, and if I do understand, prior to installing REX4 I do not need to uninstall REX3 ! Install will just enhance the textures and Clouds will add new textures. This reply makes me confident in upgrading my Weather software. Thanks again "rstough". Regards
  9. Hi Tim, Yes of course I've tried to understand through the website but, in front of so many softwares and versions, it is not easy for me to summarize. In order to answer my question, it is necessary to understand what REX 4 does differently ... It is not obvious for a "mid-aged " non technician and non native to detect that from reading all spec in English. Or I did not reach the place where this information is available So I would be grateful if you just could inform me and tell me: - Yes REX 4 is the successor of REX Essential, then I will upgrade mine and purchase the bundle to get Clouds - No these 2 software do not have the same purpose, then I will only purchase Clouds to enhance my current REX (expecting that they are compatibles). Best regards Bruno
  10. Hi, Honestly I don't know what is the difference between REX Essential Overdrive and REX 4 Texture... Should I consider REX 4 Texture as an upgrade of Overdrive or as different software ? I also own REX Essential Overdrive and I am interested in getting Soft Clouds. What is the best option for me? Purchase a bundle with REX 4 or adding Soft Clouds to my existing REX Essential ? Sorry to be in the dark and I expect light from you ... Cheers Bruno
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