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  1. REX Worldwide Airports HD Order Number: FSS0533644
  2. Thank you for a very quick and comprehensive reply.
  3. In the REX manual, there is only a quick start section to explain how to start FSX with REX weather. The three options are :- 1. WANT TO FLY - Allows REX to randomly select and install textures into FSX/P3D, then opens both the flight simulator and the REX Weather Engine. 2. LIKE TO CREATE - Allows you to create texture themes, select and install textures/sounds or share/ browse textures with the rest of the REX community. 3. FOLLOW A FLIGHT PLAN - Allows creation of flight plans(with real-time, random or archived weather), interface with FlightAware real-world live flight plans, or save/browse community-shared flight plans. All I want to to is run FSX with REX supplying real world weather. I dont want random weather, or choose a theme, or create a flight plan. Its not in the manual. How do I do this? Also, according to the manual, "WHAT IS WXPLUS MODE? The WXPLUS mode of the REX weather engine can be compared to using a weather theme within FSX/P3D. The weather is handled more globally.". Does this mean that I must use Standard Mode to get real weather (and use WXPLUS only for themes)?
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