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  1. I believe FSX will last until at least 2020. If the addon developers keep developing and improving, it can last until 2030 or even 2040. Look, even the almost 10 year old FS2004 is still in use (mostly by lower end computers), and I believe FS2004 will last few more years.
  2. Thanks, I will contact FS Pilot Shop, the store where I buy REX Essod. Sent from my HTC Desire V using Tapatalk
  3. Hi, my REX Essod 3 DVD set from FS Pilot Shop will arrive soon. I just want to know whether I can install directly from the DVDs or should I copy these files into my hard drive? Thanks.
  4. My order number from FS Pilot Shop: 519097
  5. Ok, thanks, I will maybe buy the DVD version, but I wait for our currency (IDR) to stabilize first.
  6. I know the DVD makes us doesn't need to download a 9GB file, and it also comes with a DVD case and manual booklet, but is there any other benefits? If no, then I will buy the download version and ask the store to mail it to me via DVD. If yes, I will buy the DVD version. Thanks.
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