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  1. I have REX installed. Thank you. I forgot to install sp1 and 2, so I went ahead and did that, however, my fsx runs for about 20 min before it stops working and kicks me out. Any ideas?
  2. Thank you. I still would like to know if I need to unzip the cab files before running the installation.
  3. After reinstalling fsx to my hard drive and reinstalling REX to exactly how your video explains,, the clouds are literally square, and there's tons of a red color all over the ground. I'm opening REX from the admin, I installed the update which is currently 7015 I believe, and Im opening fsx through REX. everything looks as it does on your video (as far as settings). I'm not sure why fsx isn't taking it. I also get 2 error messages when I go to open fsx through REX, but in the details, it says 0x8007007E Error, and there's another error saying something about JIT. I looked up the error and found that it may be related to directx. I currently have directx11 and it says it's running fine. Not sure what's going on. I'm really excited to have REX, for I'm a huge fsx fan, but still after almost 2 weeks, I still haven't been able to enjoy it. Please help. I've allowed REX permission through the firewall. I originally used the site to download the files using WinRAR, I also have a hard disc copy as well. Neither of them worked. I just downloaded the files from my original download link from where I purchased REX using the downloader you suggested in numerous posts. (Flashget), but I haven't tried to install that one yet. Do I need to unzip the CAB files in the folder they're downloaded in or not at all?? I installed fsx to my C drive. I also installed REX in its own folder on the C drive. I'm running Windows 8. I also just built this PC 3 weeks ago. I have an i5 Quad core processor with an Intel MSI motherboard, an ASUS 7870 DDR5 Graphics card, 8 GB of RAM (Corsair Vengeance), 1TB HD. FSX and REX are literally the only things I have on my hard drive. Still have over 850GB of free space. Please help me.
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