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  1. Thanks Tim, I just wanted to make sure I was indeed loading the HD textures. From the looks of my screenshots, I would say they look HD to me. Should I notice much degradation if the default textures are loaded? Lastly, thanks for changing our default sim world for the better!
  2. At KCAK Akron, OH, the textures still look like the same files,no matter what selection I install (default/HD), although the terminals look much better than the small buildings at Commerce, TX (2F7). Is there a way I can verify which files in the folder are installed in the sim to see if the switch is made or not? Thanks.
  3. First of all, thanks for the great add-on! I'm wondering if I have a correct installation? My textures look the same whether I select/install default or High-definition resolution textures. In sim settings for P3D resolution are 4096. The screen shots below are just one sample taken at Commerce Municiple Airport (2F7) Commerce, TX. Thanks, Randal
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