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  1. REX Support

    Environment Force/Shaders

    Hi John, Glad you like what you see! Just so you know, we're a LOT further along with Environment Force at this stage than we were with Sky Force when we announced that. We already have the beta testing done for all the functionality. All we have to do now is finish the interface. As for a standalone utility, I'd have to check with the devs on that one. The ability to recompile shaders came along as a sort of "side effect" for the way we're doing our own modifications, so I'm not sure how feasible that would be on its own.
  2. REX Support

    Forthcoming REX products

    Thank YOU, Mike, for giving us your suggestions! We always welcome constructive feedback and try our best to address our customer base's concerns.
  3. You're welcome! It was great to be there!!
  4. REX Support

    Has SimAir been cancelled?

    SimAir has not been canceled - we're evaluating how to best move forward with it at this stage. You will hear about it again once we have something a bit more definitive than we've had in the past.
  5. Hi there, Apologies for the late reply, FSExpo kept us quite busy over the weekend! Texture Direct is a totally different product; it is an enhancement for clouds, sky, water, and runways. If you wanted to use it together with Worldwide Airports, you would benefit from all of Texture Direct's features except for the runways, which are much better improved via Worldwide Airports.
  6. REX Support

    Forthcoming REX products

    Adjusting the beta testing process is one of the main things we've been looking at since the release of Sky Force, and with the internal beta team we've changed a lot of the processes we've used to allow for more thorough testing, and prevent some of the major issues we had with release. A wider testing base is exactly our intention with the Insider Program: to allow those who are willing to test new updates to our products so that we can have a smoother update process. As frustrating as the wait for Technical Update 2 was for all of us, one of the reasons why it took some time was we kept revising builds to the Insider Program (and our beta team) until we had everything ironed out. Just to give you some insights on our beta testing thoughts.
  7. REX Support

    ANSWERED New Software

    Hi there, All we need is the order number(s) for the REX products you have purchased. If you disable the cloud and sky textures from REX 4, it will be fully compatible with Sky Force.
  8. Hi there, Worldwide Airports modifies all default airports...big and small. It replaces all the existing simulator SDK elements, so anything relying on default elements for the airports will be affected. I'm not personally an ADE user, but it looks like it abides with the SDK in its operation, so I would be inclined to say that it would indeed work. But I cannot guarantee that.
  9. REX Support


    If you use the product and you like it.
  10. Hi Bram, Weather Architect works by creating a weather scenario across the map of your interest, and then injects that entire weather map into the sim at one time - no weather refreshes required. That would also preclude any usage of an additional weather engine in addition to Weather Architect, as the other engine would simply overwrite what Weather Architect has injected (if it doesn't cause a crash or some other problem). So unfortunately what you describe would not be possible at this time...though integrating real-time weather with custom weather would make an intriguing idea for a future update.
  11. Hi Bram, The General Discussion area is fine, I've moved the topic accordingly. Weather Architect is used to create your own weather scenarios of your liking; it is not designed to provide or be used with real weather. Out of curiosity, why would you want to run both at the same time?
  12. REX Support

    ANSWERED Airport textures

    You're welcome, enjoy!
  13. REX Support

    ANSWERED Airport textures

    Hi there, That's definitely something you can do; if you disable the sun, cloud, and sky textures in Texture Direct, you can use the textures from both programs without any conflict.
  14. Hi Jon, If you need to re-download any of your purchases while their store is down, you can email us at the email address below and we will be happy to help: support [AT] rexgamestudios [DOT] com
  15. I apologize for not having replied to this sooner! We appreciate all customer feedback, and I will definitely bring this up to management. Thank you for your honesty and support.