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  1. The past couple days we had hardware issues with our hosting company; those are now resolved, so historical weather should be working.

    However, now NOAA is suffering from issues so we cannot pull any new weather data from them; as the announcement in red at the top mentions, our latest data was from around 2AM MST (GMT -7) this morning.

  2. Hi Guido,

    What you can do is restore all your original textures and models, and then install the airport elements individually rather than in a theme.

    Also, if you are running Cirrus textures at 2048, turn those down to 1024. Those can be quite an impact on frames especially when paired with other add-ons.

  3. Hi there,

    I will mark this as a suggestion, thank you!

    One of the reasons why we no longer had this feature within Sky Force is that we are now using dynamic cloud models that are synchronized on the fly based on weather conditions. By synchronizing the cloud models, we use more textures in each texture set than in our older products so all texture sets should be appropriate for all weather conditions.

    Obviously each texture set will have its own unique look and feel, just like how with our weather matching algorithm in previous products we randomly chose textures in the appropriate category, now all texture sets have the "appropriate categories" thanks to our cloud model sync.

    In addition, with Environment Force we will be introducing swapping of entire texture sets in real time for finer texture control based on weather conditions.

  4. Hi Christian,

    Are you using AS16 as your weather engine? It sounds like it may be a side affect of their weather transitioning, but if you could post a screenshot to confirm that would be great.

    Also, if you could please post your Sky Force order information that would be great.

    Thank you!

  5. Hi there,

    REX Essential is not compatible with P3D v4, only through P3D v3. I would recommend purchasing REX Sky Force, our latest weather and sky environment texture package, which is compatible with P3D v4.

    If you purchase Sky Force from the vendor you purchased REX Essential from, you will receive a discount.

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