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  1. Can we mark this issue resolved or closed?
  2. Can we mark this issue resolved or closed?
  3. Can we mark this issue resolved or closed?
  4. The update is released! Is your issue resolved?
  5. I am just checking in to see if the issue you are experiencing has been resolved?
  6. That is unusual, we normally recommend copying and pasting the serial key. I will forward this to Reed.
  7. Glad to hear that you got this fixed! The issue you had is why we recommend the following default settings: 1.) Make sure your UAC (User Account Control) is set to never notify. 2.) Make sure REX has inbound/outbound access via your firewall software. 3.) Make sure REX has exclusion rights within your Antivirus software. 4.) Make sure you right click the REX icon and select "Run As Administrator" Enjoy Worldwide Airports!
  8. Hi Kevin, Did you download using a download manager?
  9. Hi there, Yes you can get the update from us. And you will not need to reinstall the radar in your aircraft when you uninstall the gauge manager from the Control Panel.
  10. The vendors should all have the latest version as a full download. We always strive to release with all our vendors completely updated at the time of release.
  11. Hi Clutch, The issue you're describing occurs because the sim sometimes uses some of the airport building textures for other non-airport buildings. If Lockheed Martin changed the building textures associated with the problematic buildings, then yes the issue is resolved. Otherwise there is nothing we can do to rectify that issue. I would personally reinstall it and see if you have the same issue. If you do, it's no hassle to simply restore the original textures In addition, even if the issue does occur, we can disable the problematic building textures, and though it would mean some of the airport buildings wouldn't update you would benefit from other things.
  12. Hi there, You can direct the installer to whichever drive you want...just don't put it in your FSX folder! Otherwise REX doesn't care where it is installed.
  13. Hi Renzo, You have a very old version of Texture Direct right now. What I would do personally is uninstall your current copy of REX 4 by using the Windows Control Panel, and download a fresh copy from FSPilotShop. The new download will be the latest version. Let me know if you need any further assistance with this! TRANSLATION: Ciao Renzo, Al momento hai una versione molto vecchia di Texture Direct. Quello che vorrei fare è disinstallare la tua copia attuale di REX 4 usando il pannello di controllo di Windows e scaricarla su nuova copia da FSPilotShop. Il nuovo download sarà l'ultima versione. Fammi sapere se hai bisogno di ulteriore assistenza con questo!
  14. Hi there, We can honor the 15% discount based on your purchase from FlightSimStore. Please send an email to: support@rexgamestudios.com Thank you!
  15. No worries Hans, glad you got it resolved!
  16. Hi Sebastian, Please make sure that you are downloading REX using a download manager, and that you are extracting with 7zip or WinZip (not the built-in Windows extractor).
  17. Hi there, Please try extracting the download using 7zip, as the built-in Windows extractor is often inadequate for such large .zip files. If that does not work, please try downloading using the other option (to download all files individually). Thank you!
  18. Hi Greg, REX Essential still works fine with FSX. By system crash, do you mean a crash to desktop (CTD) from the simulator? Is there an error dialog that pops up? Are you using the REX Essential weather engine?
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