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  1. Good to hear! May we mark this as resolved then?
  2. Hi there, We are looking into how exactly we want to proceed with water modifications moving forward, which is one of the reasons why right now we haven't updated water capabilities. In Environment Force, we will be introducing new water modifications (NOT textures) that improve the water dramatically! We are still looking into what we may do beyond that, but know that it is currently an active development of ours.
  3. Hi there, Per your signature, you purchased REX Essential from the REX Store, and REX 4 from SimMarket. Worldwide Airports is not listed, but my guess would be it was from one of those two.
  4. Thank you for reporting back; let us know if you need anything else!
  5. Hi John, We are beginning beta testing for the radar update this week. After a week or so if all goes well it should be released.
  6. Hi Dave, Are you saying that now Texture Direct is simply off your system? Could you provide some screenshots of what you were seeing, or links to those videos?
  7. Hi Cliff, Worldwide Airports is compatible with ORBX, as ORBX does not use default airport assets which are the only things that Worldwide Airports changes.
  8. Hi there, The only thing that Texture Direct has that Worldwide Airports and Sky Force do not is water enhancements. So if you want those, go into the Texture Direct Texture Configuration area (the 'wrench' icon in the top right) and disable all but the water options.
  9. Hi Dave, We are already beginning to see success; if you would like access to the Insider Program, please send an email to: support@rexgamestudios.com I also apologize for the communication on this! We have been chasing our tails around with this for some time, hopefully now we should be able to release very shortly.
  10. Bob is correct; for the non-Overdrive version you have the latest update.
  11. Hi there, Please doing the following: 1. Go to both your FSX directory and your [userfolder]/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator folder and make a backup copy of LWcfg.spb (or LWcfg.xml) from each location. 2. Please put the attached LWcfg.xml file in each folder listed above in place of the old files. Let me know how that goes. If it doesn't work, please attach both your backup LWcfg files that you just made. LWcfg.xml
  12. Also, please provide which airports you are testing at.
  13. Hi Eduardo, Are you seeing this at only certain airports or all of them?
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