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  1. Thanks . . I've never understood the legacy of the whole REX 4 - 5 series software and how they relate to each other. Is there any discussion of it on the website or documentation you can point me to. None of the manuals seem to explain that either. Thanks again cookedinlh
  2. That's what I'm trying to understand . . I originally started with REX Essentials+Overdrive . . added Textures and Soft Clouds and Enhanced . . then Skyforce 3D. I cannot find anywhere on your site that explains the difference or how they work together if indeed they even are needed to work together. They are all taking up room on my drive and I'd like to uninstall the older apps if they no longer add to the Skyforce3D experience. Can= you explain please
  3. With REX5 Skyforce3D installed do I need any REX 4 products like Soft Clouds REX 4 Textures or others . . or can I delete them to save space?
  4. cookedinlh

    Support Verification

    Seems to be something wrong . . my profile cookedinlh has an email of david@dcooke.com. When I enter that it says "email can't be verified" When I go back to my profile it says I need to enter a valid email . . . I can see the email david@dcooke.com is already there but the RED BOX says enter it here . . when I enter david@dcooke.com in the RED BOX it tells me to enter another email address because THAT one is "Already in use" . . . what's going on . . . . besides me going in circles
  5. cookedinlh

    Support Verification

    Reporting to this Forum for identification Order Number AYYACRJVP SkyForce3D and WX Radar for Prepar3D v4 - Purchased from REX Studios David
  6. Hi . . been experimenting with REX4 textures and real world weather . . . AWESOME . . love the variety and the HD is amazing . . . but when I try to set my own weather in P3D 2.2 for a challenging hand flown instrument approach ( like 200' and a half mile vis in light rail or fog) I don't get any true overcast layers or low visibility like I could in FSX. I'm sure I must be missing something obvious? . . . there are no between layers cloud decks or full IFR cloud flying any help? Viper7 Ok so I figured out that visibility (like RVR) seems to only apply to ONE station but I can't seem to get a real UNDERCAST cloud deck . . either smooth or ragged . . and even when you are under a cloud layer the sun still shines . . .but I think that is just how P3D does shadows . . ie all the time in daylight hours
  7. cookedinlh

    Support Verification

    Hi James I found my original email it was from PC Aviator . . can you validate with this? David Date: Sep 23, 2013 12:39:00 Order id: #105283
  8. cookedinlh

    Support Verification

    I bought and installed REX+Overdrive 24 Sep 13. Afer a hard disc failure last week I'm trying to reinstall REX+OD from my backup files. REX says "Not registered" but no way to enter a validation key. I can sign into REX Support Forum but it says I have "no permission" to ask a question. it says "contact Admin". . . but I have to have a Yahoo or Gmail account. Tried to find my old gmail account and password recovery is a ridiculous set of questions like "what day month and year did I last use it?" . . .I doubt anyone tracks that kind of info. . . can anyone help me reinstall my REX+OD? Thanks David --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MODERATOR EDIT: David, did read the beginning of this thread? Allow me to reiterate: To receive support and gain full access, you must become a VERIFIED member. In order to accomplish this, you must post your REX order number and where you purchased REX into this thread. You will not received support until you are a VERIFIED member. This verification topic is ONLY for verification purposes, so please don't add comments, support requests or reposts for verification, as they will be deleted immediately and without reply. DO NOT PLACE SERIAL NUMBERS OR DIRECT LINKS TO YOUR PRODUCT. IT WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED WITHOUT QUESTION ACCOMPANIED WITH A WARNING!