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  1. Ok and as to the other question.... IS the new REX product compatible with Windows 10 ? Thanks
  2. Perfect, thanks for your help a couple more..... 1. I noticed that you listed Sky force 32bit. Does that mean there is a 64bit version and can it be used with FSX ? 2. Is REX 5 Sky Force compatible with Windows 10 ? Thanks for your help Joel
  3. I've been away from simming for a few years. I currently have REX 3 overdrive (with patch) and REX Tex Direct 4 with soft clouds. I'm putting together a new Windows 10 machine and moving SFX to it and have a couple of questions. 1. Do I need to uninstall from the old machine before I can install on the new one? 2. Will the SNs I have work on the new machine or will I need to get new ones ? 3. I see some new products but not any direct upgrade for REX 3 +OD. What if any of new products were designed to replace/improve on Rex3/TexDirect4 ? 4. If I go with the new stuff will any of my custom presets from Rex3 work ? 5. If I go with the new stuff should i still install Rex3 first then the newer stuff or just the newer stuff Sorry for 20 questions. just trying to get my ducks in a row Thanks Joel
  4. thanks for the replies. I've tried every tweak I could find (not all at the same time of course ). I can basicaly lower the amount of popping by lowering the amount of autogen (which inturn looks like crap), either with sliders or clamping in the cfg file as suggested. It's not the "amount" of autogen that seems to be the problem its the fact for any given area or "cell" it's not all filling in at the same time but the amount of autogen keeps getting added to as the "cell" moves through the 7km radius "circle" and on past the plane. according to what I've read in other forums, at any 1 time there are 87 1km cells inside the 7km radius of the affected area. If your familiar with the term "bucket rendering" its like a continous ramdom order bucket render inside this area that never completes. If you turn the cam around face aft you can see the autogen pop out the same way. Just a little at a time but always adding to or taking away. A cell never seems to reach a state where all the autogen that's going to be added has been added and it's in a steady display state. As I mentioned before, I've seen tons of low and slow FSX videos on the net and never seen this kind of popping autogen. Now we are talking this is all "Stock" scenery etc here and most videos on the net are showing off this or that 3rd party product. anyway I bought what most consider the std arsenal of scenery addons (UTX, REX, GEX, and FSGen) and we'll see how it goes once I get it all in place. Thanks Joel
  5. Is this site running very slow? It takes forever for this text box to draw. Need to get "Verified" Bought REX Essential Plus w/ OD from FSPilotShop order number order number 509734, 9/9/2013. Instant download plus back-up DVD set. Why is there no serial number ? how do you register with out a SN ?? Joel
  6. I'll start by saying I'm fairly new to FSX but not knew to gaming engines or basic realtime 3d rendering compositing concepts. And I know this is a "simulator" and not a game but I have worked with "autogen" type "foresting" or "crowd" populating 3d instruments based on proximity or or camera view before but this FSX Autogen continuous poping thing is driving me nuts. I've searched around and haven't found a definitive explanation about how autogen in FSX is suppose to work and how to try to minimize what I'm calling the "popcorn" effect for lack of a better term. I have a clean install/setup with the basic "bible" settings, very vanilla. From what I've been able to gleen from the forums it's my current understanding that FSX autogen works only within a 14km dia wide area around the sim object??. I assume that the aircraft is the center of this area. and that it works in areas of 1sq-km "tiles" or squares. If those are the working parameters and since there is no longer any "fade in" of autogen, then what I would expect to see is autogen popping up in groups in a "tile" as that "tile" reaches the edge and is encompassed by the 14km "sphere of influence" ?? yes/no ?? Unfortunately that is not at all what I'm seeing. I'm running a auto pilot mission moving at approx 200kts at 500' over a mix of suburbs, water, urban downtown, airport, then out to rural, then mountians. it's a real mix of texture types. The whole time autogen is going crazy. It doesn't matter what type of texture environ I'm over. As tiles come into the 7km radius, trees and buildings etc start to pop-up, and I guess that is expected from what I hear at the edge of the "sphere". The thing is every 5 sec or so more stuff will pop up in a section that is 1. Well within the "sphere" and 2. one where autogen has already apeared once or more times. Then again, and again sometimes 5 or 6 seperate times in each "tile". It doesn't seem to stop. It's literally like flying through a field of popping corn 3d textures. I mean a "tile" area could be right under the plane and stuff is still poping up. It doesn't matter what level of auto gen I use. even at it's lowest "on" setting it still keeps "adding" elements continuously instead of all at once on the egde of the "sphere". And of course if you turn it off it stops but then looks like what it is, poor res flat texture maps. Soooo.... 1. Why doesn't ALL the autogen for a tile (1km square) come on at once and be done with it??. we are not talking about real complex geometry here mostly planes for trees and boxes for buildings. I could deal with the popping out at the edge of the "sphere". It's the continious poping up even close in that is so annoying . I've watched a ton of low and slow videos on the net, many made 5+ years ago on machines a lot slower than mine and never seen anything like this. I know I don't have a rocket machine but I it runs this mission a rock solid 30fps with the target frame rate set at 30 and if I lift the target frame rate to unlimited it runs an average 62fps over the whole 5 min mission. So I have some headroom there I would gladly give-up if there was anything I could do about this popcorn auto gen. I've monitored both ram mem, and video mem(4 Gb GDDR5) during this mission and neither seemed to be being utilized much I ordered UTX, GEX, FSGen, and REX last night hoping that better meshes,textures, etc might clear some of this up or maybe i could just run without autogen. I was told that Aces removed the alpha fade feature for atuogen in FSX but I still can't figure out why they would dump a alpha fade feature on the edge of the sphere on a auto gen layer??. That just seems like common compositing sense to me. especially if they are looking for "realism" in a sim. anyway Or is it just a case of the stock scenery etc is just really lacking, or can someone please explain what is going on here and if there is any workaround, cover-up, tweek or minimization for it. Thanks Joel
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