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  1. I did the restore of my account. But still REX doesn't launch P3D. I re-installed REX but also without success. After pressing the "I just want to fly" button, the program copies the texture and asks me again if I want to fly now. I confirm with "ok" and end up in the Quick Start menu again :-( Any further tips ?
  2. actually I am at work so I can not post a screenshot. I am not sure for the header at the top, but under the configuration manager P3D was activated. I will post a screenshot asap.
  3. Hello, "Fly now!" doesn't start P3D. I have restored the P3D key as mentioned in other topics but the problem still occurs. Default settings will launch P3D but I can not install any textures then I get the message that I need a valid license key. Thank you in advance
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