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  1. Sorry yes you can close , everything working great
  2. Seems the interface is working and all the sliders except for the 3d Cloud size change (3d Cloud morphing) ??
  3. I purchased and installed yesterday ( first question - do I need to install the hotfix ?) and the program appeared to work ok, I was able to change the cloud size on the fly. However this has now stopped working and there appears to be no interface with P3dv4.5 either through the on screen mini ui or through EF itself ( changing through Cloud sync - I have REX Skyforce 3D). Tried a reinstall but no change and EF has crashed a couple of times. I uninstalled through Windows - are there any additional files/folders to delete ? Thanks
  4. Yes please close as resolved
  5. I have just installed Soft Clouds and followed the installation instructions and the software loaded ok and P3d v4 ran ok. I then shut down P3d and received a couple of Bullguard ( antivirus ) messages REX soft clouds had been quarantined - which I then restored Malware has been removed - restart your PC After restart my P3d v4 exe file had gone ( appears to have been deleted ) although REX Clouds was still on my PC. I have subsequently restored my PC to before the install of Soft Clouds and the P3d ran ok . I haven't yet tried to reinstall Soft Clouds Any ideas ?
  6. I am a new user to REX and need a little help. When creating a flight plan ( I subscribe to real flights ) I can see the flight and waypoints etc. However when I press fly now the flight plan doesn't appear in FSX - I guess I am missing some steps out ? FSS0204135
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