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  1. Hello to all Oops! Somethings went wrong! was what I got when try to dl Bluesphere ENBplus but I am lock in and I also do not have problem downloading the other 2 enbseries for which I enjoys most and Thank you Developer for sharing as well. Could someone pls assist me to dl this files or point me to another link if possible. ricky1088
  2. Post here for verified REX Soft Clouds bought FSpilotshop Order No: 621682, Saturday 03 January 2015 ricky1088
  3. Hi Bought REX4 , post for verification Thanks ricky1088 REX4 Texture Direct Order No:602127 FSPilotshop
  4. understood, and expect the index number to keep increasing whenever a new base height is added
  5. Thanks Tim, hope to be like any other forum members here whereby it is hide
  6. Hello, Tim yes, I click on the column DELETE to delete everything but when I start all over again, it start from the number I let off. meaning my last layer I deleted was 15, however when I start new, it start at 16 and not 1 for some reason I do not know. any work around to get it start from 1 again . Thank you, ricky1088
  7. Hello, In there have Delete, Visibility,Ceiling in the delete column , suppose I delete all layer and redo again, it want to start at the last number and so on, why can't it start from 1 again, just been curious. I love to fly low and usually a few hundred feet above ground in the mountain, stream, river, etc any tip on how to set visibility, like no fog and cloud a few thousand feet up. Thank you, ricky1088
  8. Hello, sirs First I would like to say that I am saying the above sentence (topic title) or title appeared in just below photo with softest tone , well manner way so as most importantly not to have misunderstanding with forum members and officer in charge here. I see non of the forum members here got this title, only me, any reason, again, just a reminder, I am saying it in a softest friendly and respect manner . kind regards.. ricky1088
  9. Hello, Thanks for the concerns, I used a licenced getright download manager. after having made my payment at the fspilotshop, half and hour later, I started dl at office computer and for some reason, I do not know , the dl speed had drop to 25, then flutate within this range, I knew it is going to take me days to finish downloading a 8+gb files, I axe the dl, may try again tomorrow at home, at worst,will wait patiently for cd arrival. I am grateful for your fast response and also having verified as well . Thanks, ricky1088
  10. Hello, Can kindly please help to verified my purchase made at fspilotshop. I need to browse the fsx support forum for some info on this great product I dl once but give up due to slow speed on my end here, may try again or wait for the cd arrive. order #518986 Thank you
  11. Hello, Post here to get verified, detail as follow fspilotshop.com REX-105.Zip Order Number: 518986 Order Date: Thursday 31 October, 2013 Thank you, ricky1088
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