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  1. I have purchased most of the REX products over the past years, and have most times been satisfied with the end result and what I got. Why can't human beings be satisfied with what they have received; always wanting more? REX WWA for me has done what it was designed to do, and most probably it can be made to do more in time. But why the repeated demand from some users for updates and status reports? Carrying on like children never satisfied and always wanting more - "I want ..., I want ...". Wait, chill, cool yourself! You'll get it when it is ready and not before, and that includes the update reports. Geez, come on (adults)!😎
  2. Sky Force 3D Order ref: WYWRSTUPS REX Store.
  3. Will I be sent a link to retrieve the Update 3 tomorrow, or after; or will my installed version (in P3Dv4.3) auto-update itself? Thanks.
  4. REX4 Texture Direct HD - Secure Simmarket - Order# 1124088
  5. Is it possible to use Weather Architect on a remote computer to connect to P3D on main PC? Thanks, Michael.
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