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  1. Definitely, switching OFF 'Sky Fog Tuning' and 'Haze Effect' in the shader programs (PTA or Tomatoshade) '*.ini' files fixes the (my) problems with Haze and REX EF.
  2. I tried changing my tomatoshade preset to a preset created by SkyForce and the haze problem improved significantly. Their is a distant haze but not as severe as before, much more acceptable. However, with clear skies set in ASP4 their was still few low clouds.
  3. I concur, the vis is too low on a clear day. Still very hazy in good weather/clear skies. Their is also some very dark stratocumulus clouds always present when their is Wx, much too dark. I'll monitor this.
  4. Why am I seeing a dark cloud layer of 4-5 octas with AS showing weather as Few Clouds at 1500 and visibility unlimited. What can be causing this? I have EF in Auto Mode and the mini UI is showing Auto too. Their is always cloud, even if I customise the AS Wx to clear skies. Thanks.
  5. Hi; I am using TomatoShade (RD preset v1.18) with EF and SF (RD Theme v1.1). However, I find the sky looks so dull or gloomy for a sunny day in the Caribbean. How do I brighten up the scenery, do I change settings in TS or do I change settings in the mini UI; with either one which of the parameters do I change to get the sky looking brighter? Thanks,
  6. @Jarek It does not work, I must exit and restart EF. Thanks,
  7. Hi @Jarek, what I have now noticed is that if I exit P3D and then restart it, the "Fog Mode" is no longer "Auto" but "Manual". Too get the "Auto" back I have to exit and restart EF before starting P3D.
  8. Hi @Jarek I changed the settings as per yours and it works perfectly now with AS in either Live Wx or Custom Wx. I can operate as normal. Thank you👍☺️.
  9. Hi @Jarek Yes it looks very good. Please keep in mind sometimes you can have FOG and no cloud above (clear skies). This is a known illusion, that can be hazardous to an unaware pilot. Is this a new version of EF as I don't have this 'Auto' feature of Fog in my mini UI, only 'Manual' or 'Off'? I also see you have 'Enable Weather Smoothing' selected ON, whilst using AS; even though it is recommended to be set to OFF; does it have any adverse effect with it so? Thanks.
  10. @timest999 Hi Tim, I also have Rex4 TD. Do I need this if I have WWA, SF and EF? Thanks.
  11. Extracted from: FAA "Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge - FAA-H-8083-25B Fog - Fog is a cloud that is on the surface. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE/ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - "FEDERAL METEOROLOGICAL HANDBOOK No. 1" Cloud - A visible aggregate of minute water droplets or ice particles in the atmosphere above the Earth's surface. Fog - A visible aggregate of minute water particles (droplets) which are based at the Earth's surface and reduce horizontal visibility to less than 5/8 statute mile and, unlike drizzle, it does not fall to the ground.
  12. @fs1Hi Federico, this is TTPP with the EF FOG "off" after recompile shaders and ASP4 in custom weather mode. This is TTPP before recompile shaders, low cloud rather than fog. This is CYHZ with ASP4 in real weather mode - FOGGY and EF FOG "off". It works automatically without recompile ...when ASP4 is in real weather mode, but not custom weather mode. Thanks, Michael.
  13. I upgraded yesterday to EF v1.1.0 but don't see any change in the FOG depiction with Fog Mode in OFF and EF in automatic. When I set ASP4 to "Custom Mode" (poor weather), which includes low surface visibility (800m) and overcast cloud, unless I select Fog Mode "OFF" and then recompile the shaders using mini UI nothing happens automatically, and I don't get low surface visibility. Also, the frame rate is still lower with EF than without EF and just SF. I also find the lighting of the terminal buildings too bright, if I uninstall EF the lighting looks much better and the frames increase by 10% (Locked at 35 FPS). I'm not really pleased with EF's performance or it's definition of automatic. I can live with the lower FPS, but I don't like having to tinker with the mini UI everytime I manually change ASP4's weather, especially since I don't know what most of the settings in the mini UI do or what they mean, except for one or two. I am not one to be messing around all the time with settings and looking for the best tweaks; I just like starting up my sim (working at it's best), use either real weather or manually setting one of my weather presets in ASP4 and go flying (like in the real world). That's what I did before with ASP4 and SF; I was happy then, it was what I did in real life before I retired as a pilot, I thought that having the weather (via EF) change on its own added more realism to my flights, but it's not like that at all. Except for the FOG (low surface vis) in automatic mode EF works great with ASP4 in real weather mode, and that's where I normally have it set. However the low surface visibility is not automatic, and for example when their is FOG at Boston (KBOS) I don't get FOG, since EF will not generate it in MANUAL. I have to set it to OFF and recompile the shaders; that's NOT REAL (or automatic). I'm not happy, and seriously contemplating uninstalling EF from my system, and going back to just using SF with ASP4. Sorry guys, I'm not happy.
  14. Jarek, In reference to the lower scene technically that's not FOG, it's LOW Cloud. The definition of FOG is cloud at/on surface level. Extracted from Sky Library: "Description Mist and Fog are the terms used to describe low visibility caused by water droplets suspended in the air. Mist is a term used to describe visibility of greater than 1 km while Fog is the term used when visibility is less than 1 km. Fog is effectively surface cloud and has a significant impact on the conduct of flying operations, particularly landing and take-off. There are many different types of fog defined according to how they are formed." If I set Surface Visibility to 800m (in Active Sky), that's FOG and not low cloud as per EF. Before I retired I remember on occasions going into London Heathrow and Kennedy rwy04 in the early morning, flying in clear skies above and descending to the runway to enter fog at 200 feet or lower. It's a unique experience and a potentially dangerous one for the unexpected pilot. If it is at all possible REX should try to fix this.
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