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  1. Hi, Maybe I've solved it. Thanks you Fabrizio
  2. Buongiorno, Ho formattato il mio PC e ho perso tutto. Ho scaricato il prodotto (98 rimanenti scaricamenti), ma prima di installarlo ti chiedo: se dovrei scaricare gli aggiornamenti che cosa è la scelta? REX ESS PLUS OVERDRIVE - PACCHETTO SERVIZIO 3 HOTFIX - PER COSTRUZIONE: 3.8.2014.1126 o REX ESS PLUS - PACCHETTO SERVICE 3 HOTFIX - PER COSTRUZIONE: 3.4.2014.1126 Ricordo che il download iniziale è inerente a non sapere quale vecchia versione (suppongo) Grazie. Fabrizio
  3. Hi, thanks. He work it. If there were problems with REX I would open another new ticket. Best regards. Fabri
  4. Maybe I solved .. can you tell me if the version build is correct?
  5. Good morning, I have a problem with upgrade version build in to my REX ESS+/W/OD Maybe I'm wrong with updating steps. Step 1: I downloaded the HOTFIX LINK SERVICE PACK download (ZIP FILE) Step 2. Click on the setup.exe file to start the REX Essential Plus Overdrive (folder where REX ESS PLUS Overdrive is installed) Step 3: Finish to close the installation Step 4: Click on the icon that was already there before installing on the desktop, but I always have the version 3.8.2014.1126 Maybe I should go to the C:\ (folder) icon and delete the icon REX on the desktop? Finally, if I try to do the BACKUP / RESTORE CONFIGURATION SETTINGS I enter my personal email for the REX site forum, set my username and password correctly, but the password is not accepted...can you help me? Another important question: I used the weather REX, but in the landing phase, my FSX he has crashed (Not answer message by fsx) In windows event log, I didn't not notice anything wrong with REX. (He did it during the weather loading) My pc properties: INTEL CORE i5 3570 3,5ghz / Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 - 2GB/8GB DDR Thank you Fabrizio
  6. I see the lightning, and I set it in "forked mode" in to RexEssential texture. That would appear, in That photo there is a stormy state, I explained the reason, I think! I ask because of Fsx in Night mode the ground is brown-blurred? This evening I will post some photos. My pc properties: PC GAMER PC INTEL CORE i5 3570 GTX 660 - 2GB/8GB DDR3 Thanks Sir. Fabrizio
  7. Hi all, I have the following programs REX Essential Plus Overdrive / REX Soft Clouds But to get the glow in the night sky, during a lightning storm I should aquistare REX 4 Direct Texture? And if I were to aquistare, should I uninstall REX Overdrive Plus HD as useless? I am attaching photos sky effect during a storm (photo taken from youtube Storm in Dublin) Thanks so much
  8. Thanks for your answer. I reinstalled Soft Clouds and now, he's working.
  9. Good evening, I hope in your'help. Well; ORDER Number: 1415745 1 x REX - SOFT CLOUDS FSX P3D () = EUR 10.97 Delivery Method Direct Download Sold by Real Environment Xtreme I purchased the product from SimMarket, but can not figure out if it is installed correctly . I have REX Essential Plus Overdrive regularly and ASN , as I can understand if it is active. I need help and supporto. Question: In this two pics, It's present the add-on Soft Clouds whit texture, or are the details of REX Essential+ Overdrive? PS. I don't have REX 4 Thanks. Fabrizio
  10. Ho appena pubblicato una foto http://t.co/XoOqM9J7CJ

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