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  1. as long i can see i only have install sky force
  2. Im in automatic mode so nothing is tweak. Im only fly in europe atm and yes is summer here.. why?
  3. Is like that all the time when i flight at night
  4. Hello guys. i want to change this (see pic below) Everything is to blue at night. and btw is the software fully compatible with tomato? Have a good day
  5. I'm sorry but i never use PTA since tomate came out...
  6. Hi sorry for my late answer i only use Tomato, is that the 1 making the issue?
  7. Prepar3D_2019_05.24_-_04_12_14_01.mp4
  8. the scenery is to blue and cloud sizing is not stable (I have a video)
  9. Hi! On automatic the water and scene control ain't working. Status is always waiting, the water color looks pretty bad, the software is not tweaking this 2 things. Have a good day
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