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  1. RobCom

    Support Verification

    Hi Rob, sorry for the delay, PayPal had an issue with reporting this sale to PC Aviator. We are straightening this issue out with Robert at PCA. You're now verified. Thank you kind sir, and sorry about the issues. I hope it wasn't too much trouble.
  2. RobCom

    Support Verification

    Admin, I see that others that posted after me got Verified already, is there a problem with my order? I have 4 emails from PayPal to the final invoice from PC Aviator and everything in between, if you need more info please just let me know. thanks. :-)
  3. RobCom

    Support Verification

    Howdy y'all REX Essential Plus with Overdrive - Order id:#102651 - PC Aviator Inc EDIT:::::::: I just got another email from PV Aviator: DATE OF ORDER: 08/06/13 INVOICE NUMBER: 335037 INTERNET REFERENCE OR PO#: 102651