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  1. Ok rgr that, If I have an original download of REX 4 Texture Direct HD which one should I download? The Texture Direct Enhanced Edition? thanks for the help man
  2. If I have REX 5, do I actually "need" REX 4 installed? I already have REX 5 and HD Airports and SkyForce, is there anything in REX 4 HD that I need? thanks, sorry if this has been asked, I looked and didn't see what I needed.
  3. NEVERMIND!! It seems to be working now. I restarted both SF and EF and reloaded my saved profile from May, and for some reason my waves are now moving. Thanks, sorry to take up space here...
  4. I just updated REX EF but my waves are still not moving, I looked though the settings but didn't see anything obvious, is there something I need to do to make this work? OR is this not the update that is supposed to fix that? Version: 5.0.2019.0625 I have my water set to ultra in P3D thanks y'all
  5. BTW, the most amazing this is, this seems to have ZERO impact on my frame rate, my sim runs smooth as silk even when tweaking, I do pause it though so I can see what I'm doin.
  6. Hey thanks for that tip TimesT! It IS very "touchy", but once you get the hang of it, it works super good! I think I can truly say I am getting the hang of this!! AND those adjustment dials that pop up in the in-sim GUI, THOSE should NEVER EVER be taken out of the app, they are the BOMB!! thanks for being patient with me this is the first day this week I have truly been able to spend some quality time with EF: (now enjoy some results of your work. PS: the sun went down, the weather changed and it got dark while I was tweaking, enjoy the sunset...lol)
  7. OK, I have been doing some testing, and after tweaking out some stuff and ending up with green roads and neon blue water, I have come to the realization that I have no idea what any of this stuff means!! LOL BUT I am learning!! SO YES this did answer my question, all I have to do is tweak it out till I get just the right settings. I already global reset, and then tweaked again and got a little darker water and a nice specular blend/reflection mix so I call that progress!! ONE THING THOUGH, I could not find ANY "cinematic effect" anywhere in the in-sim GUI though, but maybe it's called something else? BTW, you can tweak this stuff WHILE you are in the sim!! THIS is the coolest app I have ever used!! (and yes, I did a backup of the ShaderHLSL folder just in case) Question answered.
  8. I just got home from work, I'm going to do some testing now. I'll report back asap.
  9. Awesome, I will give it a go, it does sound a bit intimating but, you did lay it out well so I think I can do this!! One thing though, I can't permanently screw this up can I? lol OH AND once I get it tweaked the way I want it, can I then run the automatic mode, or will that always default to the above?? thanks man, I'll give it a go tomorrow after work.
  10. Oh, and this is the same exact body of water. 😉
  11. Hey y'all, first off, THANK YOU for this awesome new app!! I can see the possibilities and the future looks bright!! However, I have a quick question about using EF, SF 3D AND Rex4 Texture Direct. I have the EF tweaked to use my SF 3D and they are working perfectly so far, BUT, the app doesn't seem to want to allow me to use both AF 3D and Texture Direct at the same time. I was using them both for different textures, like I had everything that SF 3D had Turned on, turned off in TD, and other stuff that I wanted form TD (like grass runways WATER yada yada) I had turned on in TD. Using EF and SF 3D I now have water that looks like it's from FSX: Before using R4 TD and SF 3D together: NOW, using EF and SF 3D: Can anyone give me a few pointers on how to get my beautiful water back?? Is there a way to just inject the R4 TD textures on top or something?? thanks y'all!! Rob
  12. That's exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you. I didn't think of downloading the latest download that's a great idea, I'll go do that now!!
  13. Hey y'all, I am reinstalling my REX 2 favs in a new FSX install, I have REX WW Airports and REX Texture Direct w/soft clouds and was wondering, Is there a preferred install order? Like should I install the WW Airports first? thanks, have a great day!!
  14. Roger that, that's what I figured. It took me awhile but I finally found the Zinertek uninstaller, it was in a folder inside the FSX main folder. Got everything working now. thanks man.
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