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  1. Interesting question - I haven't tried. If launch the sim and EF is not running, the visuals look very strange. Everything is very dark, the sky is grey, ground textures are also very dark. Is there a way to restore the shaders to normal if EF is not running?
  2. Thanks - I'm not sure what the view distance setting is in ASv4.
  3. I'm sure this is a setting not in the right place. I'm using EF (Automation mode) with ASv4 and I have the switch for Weather Smoothing turned off as it says to do so when using ASv4. However when I'm in the sim, I'm noticing abrupt cloud changes that are not typical of Active Sky. Could this have something to do with the Weather Smoothing feature turned off?
  4. Where can I find the network install instructions for both SF and EF?
  5. Happened twice yesterday, while in the NGX. Just tried now in a default plane, and no problems. I'll report back if it happens again.
  6. I was attempting to manipulate some changes in the coloring, then recompiled the shaders. The screen went black for a few seconds, then P3d crashed to desktop. If I can't do that in flight, I won't. In general though, how can I make the scene look more realistic? I use full automation mode, and haven't made any changes in the mini-ui (which is what I was trying to do when it crashed). How can I bring more red into the scene, particularly in the sunlight. Right now it's too white and the scene overall has too strong of a blue cast. This makes everything look flat.
  7. Can I ask what everyone here has their HDR settings in sim? I've left mine off, as I don't like HDR, and the previous build of EF was problematic with HDR. Now with the new build, HDR is still on by default, and if I select if off, there is no visual change, and the shaders are not updating. I thought this was to be corrected in 1.1?
  8. For me the mini UI always pops up when I start the sim and EF is in auto mode, and HDR is always on. I have HDR off in the sim settings. To me, I don't care for HDR.
  9. I'm running EF in automation mode and would like to keep HDR off. I've set it off in the mini ui, yet each time I launch a P3d session, the hdr setting is on. How can I set HDR to be always off?
  10. I installed the update for REX 4 yesterday - went very smooth and appears to work just fine. I did one flight yesterday, and today I'm unable to launch p3d v4. I can't imagine there's any connection, but this is the only thing I've installed before this problem started today. Symptoms - Click on p3d v4, splash screen is seen for a few seconds, then disappears. Nothing else happens. I can confirm p3d is running as a background process. The scenario startup screen doesn't display. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the p3d client. didn't help. Tried rebuilding new p3d folders in Pgmdata, appdataroaming and local. didn't help. Have no clue what's causing this issue. I posted a thread to the Lockheed forum, awaiting help there. If anyone has this issue, please let me know if you've been able to resolve. Thanks.
  11. Looking for guidance as to how to use Texture Direct for v4 with AS16 & ASCA. I realize there's some redundancy with ASCA - How should each be configured for best results? It's evident AS16 provides the weather. Should the options for clouds and sky textures be disabled in ASCA?
  12. Just went to the REX Store where I purchased TD, downloaded the installer again. After everything downloaded and installed (I also uninstalled my current TD and all the hotfixes prior to install), I still have the 2016 version. I don't have P3dv4 capability. I'm still getting the prompt to update to 4.6.2017.0725, and are being asked for the Beta Release Code. Where is this code?
  13. I'm being prompted to update TD with a Beta Release Code. I went to the REX store, couldn't find a code there other than my serial for TD when it was purchased. That didn't work. Where do I get the Beta Release Code from?
  14. Where the Beta Release Code?
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