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  1. @JodieHuntleyy You said the exact same when we changed the mission against ISIS to be able to drop bombs in Syria -… https://t.co/yGNyZYvABu

  2. @rcmccaffrey @aliamjadrizvi we are the good guys with bombs tbf

  3. RT @Hanham_Athletic: 89| GOAL

  4. @mebzbhaiji @Anna_Carea @mendcommunity @MuslimCouncil @MuslimSchools @AntiRacismDay The fact you can't see how dist… https://t.co/CFeiBbwd7A

  5. @JodieHuntleyy https://t.co/qykh7twNdH

  6. @damu1978 Any temporary traffic lights?

  7. RT @SundayKorma: Arctic Monkeys covering "Reptilia" https://t.co/IVWprv7aQ9

  8. @Dandsmithy Religion is effectively a set of ideas and practices and to call its criticism racist is not only wrong… https://t.co/J2Q7cevjY6

  9. @SarahTheHaider I'm half cut but even I can put together a better press release than that. Beer.

  10. RT @theklabristol: Our beloved ship is under threat from proposed residential developments across the harbour in Redcliffe. Across the UK,…

  11. @seanglade Parody account sean

  12. @Lewisrisdale Typical Corbyn shit

  13. @benaldo @BBCSport Well unless he turns up to work white on Saturday we will never know.

  14. @Lewisrisdale @ashleybowle Sheriff of Gover

  15. @_stokesyy not a bad thing either with they chicken legs