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  1. Wonder how you guys decided to use the very same name as the creator and company owner of X-ForcePC for your "future" X-Plane project? Which by the way is a close friend of the Austin Mayer whom invented X-Plane.. Unfortunate or smart?
  2. I do not think REX should move to X-Plane. Things made for FSX/P3D normally are best suited in those games. REX for X-plane 9 was ok, but it was texture based only. XP11 unlike any other flightsimulator has now began their move to a dedicated PBR environment. This is however not enough especially when it comes to weather simulation. Applied physics and mathematics are needed to even begin to code. Even the the programmer must continuely battle internal processes in XP11 and bugs. Though most will be tackled by the excellent dev team, you need to apply an complex external parsing unit. Today that marked is occupied by SkyMaxx Pro and XENVIRO. Arguable the latter part is by far the more similar to REX, and with the latest texture tweak available, it looks better than REX ever did on all platform. But if REX want to spend an extensive amount of money just to try to develope, I do welcome the effort, but as for a weather engine/suite I do not see an immidiate future for REX in X-Plane 11. All said and evaluated, there are some areas were REX could succeed and that is in the texture area. But XP11 is at least in this beta stage period not perticular suited for 2k + textures. Lets face it, in this area we do love high resolution texture yes? Sadly X-Plane 11 do not, not even with the TitanX and ok hardware. X-Plane users unlike P3D/FSX users, we tend to favour performance and immersion over eyecandy any day of the week. Cloud layers tend to destroy performance and added resolution per texture may easy kill the immersion. So that my friends is why I do not think REX should ever develope for X-Plane 11. But hey,7 let's see what the future brings.
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