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  1. This is pretty damn cool. https://t.co/nKbiV14vl8

  2. RT @Buzz6868: This gives a good idea of the spread of 7 tankers up this morning. QUID291+QUID? just launched from Mildenhall QUID292 abeam…

  3. @PanthersIHC Sounds like its been a great game in Nottingham.

  4. @Alex_Pilot272 Orbx PNW. Climbing out of SEA

  5. Thank the Lord!! #beastfromtheast #stormemma https://t.co/9mUHRVE7Av

  6. That is Sunday sorted. https://t.co/8WOHMM8vfZ

  7. I've stopped watching The Expanse. Maybe I will pick it up again but I'm struggling with season 1. Now watching Ascension.

  8. @georgee5 @Delta @flyLAXairport Do you know the nature of the emergency out of interest?

  9. @JS2Tango Thanks James.

  10. @PilotTris Congrats!

  11. Nom nom https://t.co/iowM8ous2o

  12. What's happened to people? I was trying to get off bus there. I asked nicely for two guys to move and they point re… https://t.co/kEIS3PG07o

  13. Bring back 140 characters only. Not happy!!

  14. "Best customer service experience ever" said nobody. 7 phone calls over 2 weeks to sort out my @SkyIreland contract.

  15. @jtallman1959 I promise:)