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  1. Gday, Attached are my contenders for the screenshot competition showcasing EF's colour and atmospheric beauty. Cheers
  2. try flying around TNCM with Rex4 generating textures from real weather. Took my breath away
  3. Gday Chik, Thanks for the Tweeks... I changed everything you suggested but unfortunatley it made flying worse. The game was stuttering, frame rates went from 9 to 30and back to 9, the graphics felt like they couldnt keep up and i kept getting flashing on my screen. So now I have changed everything you have suggested except for UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=0 Use this but in conjunction with Nvidia Inspector set to "lock at 30 fps, AND vertical sync sst to 1/2 the refresh rate //ALLOW_SHADER_30=1 //If you use Nvidia Inspector you do not need this line When I changed the settings in the Navidia inspector that seemed to have the worst effect on the game. With all the other tweeks done it would seem that the game flys more smoothly and my FPS are 18-30 in VC, 30-50 in 2D Cockpit and 40-60 when looking at the outside views. However I do still get some graphic flashing at times. I have changed the AffinityMask= to 15 - 63 and 224 but it would seem to make little difference. I have backed down REX to 1024 and FSX to 1024. Its something I could live with but in the end it may need endless tweeking to figure out. Anyway I appreciate your input. cheers
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