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  1. Yes, The the issue was resolved. Thanks for you help. It was definately the "Cloud Smoothing" option changing thr rate. However, I do have another question. If, The "rate that weather changes" must be set to no change, why have a feature that changes that rate? And, If, I do use the cloud smoothing option will that affect how REX loads weather?
  2. rstough, I appreciate the reply. Thanks for taking the time to answer. In regards to your answer, I do believe that I do have the lastest build of REX, but I will verify this is true. As relating to the "Smoothing Clouds" option, I do have that checked. Therefore, I will unchecked said option and keep my fingers crossed that it will solve the issue. Again, Many thanks for your help! Nocopilot
  3. Hello, I'm a bit confused to say the least. According to the manual provided by REX, It indicates that the "Rate that weather changes" in the FSX weather setting should be set to "No Change". I have done this. However, After REX has been loaded into FSX, I have notice the "Rate that weather changes" has been reset to "Very High". No other changes have occured, only the one indicated. Any thoughts on the subject? Any help would be appreciated and accept my thanks for allowing me to post on the matter. These are my specs; 1 .64 bit Window 7 Home premium. 2 .8 GB RAM 3. Nvidia GTX 670 (FTW) 2GB GDDR-5 4. Overclocked-Yes...GTX 670 (FTW) is factory overclocked. I have not made any changes to factory specs. 5. 2 TB Hard Drive 6. Network-NO 7. FSX Gold Edition (Service Pack 2) 8. Internet-Active 9. Antivirius-Microsoft Essentials 10. Firewall running-Yes 11. FSUIPC-Yes 12. No REX error logs 13. UAC-OFF 14. REX installed-"C" Drive....NOT in program files or program filesx86 15. FSX installed-"C" Drive....NOT in program files or program filesx86 16. REX.Right click and run as Admin each time-Yes 17. Rate that weather changes in FSX set to "No Change" However, when REX loads it resets to "Very High"?? 18. No flight plan used in REX. 19. Changes to CONFIG screen-Yes.... No Vatsim...NO launch FSX.
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