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  1. Well I navigated to the folder where REX was installed. There I located the file labeled simconnect.msi . I ran the simconnect.msi installer. This version of SimConnect is REQUIRED for users of FSX:Steam Edition AND Prepar3D 2.5+, as they come with a newer build that Essentials was not designed for. Program now works like a "charm." (well) Thank you and I hope this gets passed to your tier one assistants. I did mention I was using Version 2.5 when I asked for help. Jim
  2. Just discovered that REX has an error log facility. Here's what it says about my last two dozen loags of REX. ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmMain.runNewWeatherEngine Error: The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) Hope this helps you and me solve this delemia.. Jim
  3. Yes REX.exe *32 is in the processes using 188,376 K
  4. OK REX will start P3D but still no WX avoidance radar.
  5. Sorry that didn't work. I also apologize for double posting. I originally found your site hard to navigate and got lost looking for my initial posting. Jim
  6. As per your instructions.
  7. I'm not getting a WX screen after loading REX Essential plus Overdrive. The weather works but I sure would like to have the WX radar back. Are you chaps working on this? I believe it was a problem in the past. I'm using P3DV2.5. Jim
  8. After I click on the green button shown in the photo my screen goes black and I don't get the weather radar screen I used to get.
  9. I updated REX4 with the Intergration Add-On figuring that may help me but it didn't. After the cloud appears and it says it's opening REX 4 disappears and seconds later I'm left with a big white square where the set up should be. I've left the "I'm working" circle on for several minutes and nothing happens. I added the UI AutomationCore.dll but that didn't help either. I've had this problem since purchasing the product. Jim
  10. Why can't I access REX 4 in your REX Game Studio Store. It isn't there yet I paid for it. I complained about this almost 24 hours ago yet no respose. Right now I have a version that takes a white screen 73 second break with spinning circle for every option I check off in your config screen. This is UNACCEPTABLE.. Please direct me to MY purchased REX 4 so I may redownload or better still direct me to where I can get the REX4 soft clouds combined set. Thank you Jim
  11. Using version 3.8.2014.1211 and have previously loaded the SP3 and OD Upgrade (SP Hotfix). Everything loads alright into the folders yet when it completes and I press the start buttons I no longer get my weather radar screen. Jim
  12. Well you may have it, but when I check at your store it only shows my purchase of REX Soft Clouds. Got lost in the crash? By thw way your URL takes me right back to here.
  13. Had been running REX Texture 4 until this morning when I found out that it and Soft Clouds (which I also purchased) were now combined . I can't for the life of me figure out where I purchased it . Been to four stores which I use and no purchase. The first letter of my serial number is U would that help you in knowing where it came from? Jim
  14. I purchased these rights some time ago . I recently had to reload all of the sim and all add-on programs. Somewhere my P3D rights got lost. I'm not asking for these back and for the small price want to purchase them again. No where in the Configuration Manager do I find a place to click to do so. All that is there is REX ACCESSRIGHTS TO PREPAR3D in blue letters and underneath in white letters "Purchase REX access rights to Prepar3D." Nothing else, no button or anything. Had to make a new initial backup so no luck going there. Getting HTTP Error Code 503 when trying to access http://www.rexwebservices.com/issuetracker/useraccount.aspx Jim
  15. I deleted my old REX and uploaded the newest version 3.8.2014.1126. Hopefully my problem will disappear. Jim
  16. Downloaded the files, checked and my version was 37.2013.0715, updated file . Everything worked well, followed all instructions but version remains 2013.0715. Have this show up when the update has just about finished: http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk48/CN716/SnapShot_150304_215521_zpsh1pip1jq.jpg I also have this showing up when I run real weather: http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk48/CN716/SnapShot_150304_191810_zpso0vdw8au.jpg Never had this problem when using P3DV2.4 only after I loaded version 2.5
  17. When I started REX Essentials I nolticed that it was not enabled for P3D. I went to purchase it and it refused my user name and password. What can I do? Jim
  18. OK I found it but could have used a magnifying glass. Jim
  19. Well I downloaded it from your site but would have expected it to be part of the package. Checked all the cab files but it wasn't there. Now to decypher your answer. Jim
  20. For some strange reason I don't seem to have the manual. I would have expected to find that option in OPTIONS but alas its not there. Jim
  21. How does one stop or get rid of the constant Assemblying Real Time Weather and Real time Weather Loaded Successfully banners on my screen? Jim
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