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  1. This morning I entered a manual flight plan which was  simply a GPS flight from Canada to Portugal..The plan displayed did not follow the GPS path but rather a straight line.  Is this the way it's supposed to be?


    I never had this happen in any sim over my past 15 years.  I recently added Skyforce and am wondering if it and P3D V4.2 have a problem.  I was in my PC-24 on approach to CYHZ at about 4000' in rain when suddenly my VC disappeared and was replaced with a blank light greyish/blue coloured screen.  I checked an outside view and got (see photos attached).  Moments before at 5000' all was well (outside sky photo).




  3. I am wondering what products have no more use since I have just purchased Sky Force.  I have still installed:

    REX 4 - Texture Direct Enhanced Edition

    REX Soft Clouds - Integration

    REX Soft Clouds - SP3 - Hotfix 5

    I removed REX Essential Plus Overdrive already.




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  4. Have REX Essential with Overdrive 3.8.2014.1211 and am wondering if I'm supposed to update that with rextd_sp7_20170814.

    Also trying to figure out how to integrate Soft Cloud 4.3.2017.0714 with REX Essential w OD.

    Should only have to start one of these programs, not both.

    Thank you

    Jim Mitchell


  5. Some time ago I purchased Soft Clouds and when Texture Direct came out I purchased it as well.  Then REX came out with a free offer to combine these two programs.   Recently I've had to reload all my flight sim stiuff.  I have Texture Direct 4.1.2014.0122 loaded.  When I tried to apply the Soft clouds to combine them  I got a popup stating that i needed 4.3.2014.1210.  How do I go about combining these.  I have my Soft Clouds serial number available.

  6. The matter has been cleared up. I have my radar back.  When I set up REX in a new drive I forgot to change my Windows Firewall settings to reflect same..  D'oh.   Sorry to have bothered you with my error.



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