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  1. I have not been able to connect REX Essential + OD's generated weather to P3D 4.1. It will not pass the wind speed and direction.
  2. Have REX Essential with Overdrive 3.8.2014.1211 and am wondering if I'm supposed to update that with rextd_sp7_20170814. Also trying to figure out how to integrate Soft Cloud 4.3.2017.0714 with REX Essential w OD. Should only have to start one of these programs, not both. Thank you Jim Mitchell
  3. OK updated program and now working. Mark as solved.
  4. I would like my settings for Texture Direct to remain every time I sign on. Presently every time I use this program I have to re-do my settings. I'm sure there must be a way, but clueless I am. Jim
  5. Hello, I saw you solve the problem of texture direct and soft clouds integration, how did you do that? Thankyou

  6. Resolved this myself. It was a folders problem. When I calm down I start thinking logically.
  7. As the photo says contact support, as I obviously have the correct version installed.
  8. Some time ago I purchased Soft Clouds and when Texture Direct came out I purchased it as well. Then REX came out with a free offer to combine these two programs. Recently I've had to reload all my flight sim stiuff. I have Texture Direct 4.1.2014.0122 loaded. When I tried to apply the Soft clouds to combine them I got a popup stating that i needed 4.3.2014.1210. How do I go about combining these. I have my Soft Clouds serial number available.
  9. The matter has been cleared up. I have my radar back. When I set up REX in a new drive I forgot to change my Windows Firewall settings to reflect same.. D'oh. Sorry to have bothered you with my error. Jim
  10. 3.8.2014.1126 which I downloaded. It now resides in drive C:\
  11. Did as you said removed REX and then I redownloded the complete file from your Server1. Ran that and ended up with "no radar". Wasn't quite sure what "base" was but presume it meant a fresh download.
  12. It's me again with the same problem. Repurchased REX Essentials with Overdrive last night (Order Number EJXOZLJCK) and updated to 3.8.2014.1211 , however the radar isn't working. Just comes back to Download Centre sceen after loading "I just want to fly" Windows 7 machine and loaded on D drive. It can be sent to the task bar and apparently works but there is no radar screen. I've checked and there is only one P3DV3 file. There may be a small problem in that when I reloaded P3D it did not make a P3DV3 folder but rather everything is in the root folder of drive "G". This drive only contains P3DV3 files and asociated software, ie. FS Commander in their own folders.
  13. OK realized I had two folders named practically the same. P3DV3 and Prepar3DV3. Deleted an empty P3DV3 folder and reloaded REX Essential Plus OD SP3. Tried it out and lo and behold my radar screen is back. Sorry to have caused you so much trouble which came about from a reloading of P3DV3. Not a REX problem at all. Case closed
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