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  1. Great news about the update. I've been managing small business all of my working life (retired now phew!) and always have sympathy for you guys at REX. Of course customers have a right to expect products to work and expect deadlines to be met, but reality is, life just isn't like that. It's a real headache to run a small business and there never seems to be enough hours to get everything right. There are always plenty of up sh*t creek moments! So to all you guys out there that have never run a business, don't knock it until you've tried it! Keep up the good work, Regards, Mike
  2. Thank you for your comments. It's good to know that lessons are being learnt since Skyforce was launched. I guess what you are intending to do with future products goes a long way towards what I suggested in the first place. It's nice to know that your company does listen to customers and is constantly reappraising it's approach to new launches. Regards, Mike
  3. So Skyforce 3D Hotfix/Technical fix 2 is here and has certainly resolved a lot of the issues that users have had. Unfortunately, the duration of waiting for fixes 1 and 2 has been painfully long in coming bearing in mind that this product was launched in early January 2018 and hyped since December 2016. Being launched as a completed product has led buyers to believe, and rightly so, that it would work as advertised. I love REX products and am not here to knock any of the team, but I do think you miscalculated badly with Skyforce. I'm sure that many of us regular REX users will forgive and forget now that most of the issues have been resolved and maybe with one of two further fixes, Skyforce will become a polished product. What I do think is a shame is that many new customers that were attracted to Skyforce will be disappointed and not so eager to try further or existing REX products. At the end of the day REX is a business that needs to expand it's customer base and thrive from a good reputation in the marketplace. So, here is my suggestion. Why not sell future products in a reasonably advanced stage of beta. Many of your competitors already do this. At least that way customers will know exactly what they are buying into. They won't feel let down and will appreciate the honesty. Bugs will be expected and customers will have the opportunity of participating in improving the product. Your entire customer base will be your beta testers instead of just a few selected individuals. So, that's my 2 cents worth. It may not be a feasible idea with complex REX programs, but I'd be interested to hear your views and from anyone else that thinks this is worth pursuing. Regards to all at REX Mike
  4. I know that this is a long shot, but I need to eliminate HD Airports from the equation.

    I purchased your product on Saturday afternoon and downloaded it without any problems. Being pressed for time, I only installed it and opened the main window to register it. On Sunday I opened the PDF from the desktop and started reading the instructions.  Suddenly the computer crashed and restarted with horizontal white lines across the screen. I did some diagnostic work and I suspect that my graphics card has died on me!

    The reason that I am obviously bringing this to your attention is because I'd had no previous issue until the installation of the program. Also, both the shortcuts have disappeared from my desktop, i.e. to the manual and the executable file to set up the options. If I look in the REX folder on my root drive I can see all the files sitting there but without the .exe file being present.

    I can email you my product serial number you wish but I'm not sure about putting it in an open forum.

    Sadly, not only did I even get to use the product, but my wings are clipped and I can't use FSX or anything else. Any suggestions would help.

    Regards Mike

  5. I have just bought the Steam HD Airport Graphics addon. I like the general improvement to the buildings/vehicles etc. but want to retain my REX runways/taxiways/markings. These have been overwritten by the new addon which was to be expected. I thought that I could simply re-install my REX runway textures over the top and keep the buildings/vehicles, but does not appear to be happening.

    Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution??

    Thanks, Mike

  6. Hi, Just want to register Bought from FSPilotShop Product number 485664
  7. why are forums closed to me?

  8. why are forums closed to me?

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