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  1. Hello When I try to update using the check for updates icon, it tells me that I don't have permission to download that build. Any suggestions? I presently have the 4.7.2015.0818 version Robert
  2. Ok, thanks. I'll wait until; I upgrade. Thanks for the help
  3. Processor is 7.5 Ram 7.5 Graphics 7.1 Gaming 3 d 7.1 Primary hard disk 7.8 Intel® Core i7 860 @2.80 HGz 2.80 GHz
  4. Hello Quick question. When I add the Texture_Max_Load 4096 into my config file, do I just add it or do I delete the texture Max_Load 1024 first
  5. Hello When I go to the updates on the REX 4 Texture Direct, I'm asked to download the following file; 4.3.2014.0814. When I do this, the following file comes up for downlaod; rextexture_tu1_201,. However, the download only runs about three quaters of the way when I receive a warning of a Trojan.ADH attachment and the file shuts down. Any suggestions> Robert.
  6. Tim Just received confirmation from FS Pilotshop that they have sent me two replacement (REX-4) DVD's via first class USPS Mail. Apparently there was an issue with a batch of DVD's
  7. Hello I just received the two CD set for REX-4. During the installation process, about 3/4's of the way through, I receive the following message; "Source file not found C\:REX-4\120-1\rexte3.cab. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it". Once I get to this point, the installation process stops. Any suggestions??? I am running windows 7, 64 bit. My order number is 532405 from FS Piolt shop Thanks Robert
  8. Order # 477816 REX essentials. Weather theme not working in FSX. Need help
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