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  1. Hello The only advice you provided was that "There are many factors that can cause a drop: 1.) Some kind of internet fluke 2.) NOAA data drops - which we have experience this a lot with them lately. 3.) Or station itself doesn't report on time. But normally we pick it up in the next download that hour". As I stated before, this is not an on going issue, it only happens once in a while. I was just wondering if there was a cause to this happening. As to my current status reading your explanation with respect to many factors that can cause a drop, I came to the conclusion that it could be several factors causing this to happen, with really not one specific factor causing it and as a result, not really a fixable issue. I apologize for not responding in a timely manner as I was away on business. Thanks for your help, if it happens again, I will just wait it out. If it continues to happen on a regular basis, I will contact you for further assistance. Thanks again Robert
  2. Hello It could be CYQM, CYHZ or KBOS, it doesn't really matter. Its also happens around the afternoon or 1800 hours zulu time.
  3. Hello This doesn't happen every time I use the program, however, it appears to be happening more frequently. When I click on the weather theme to enter the airport ICAO, the program takes approximately 1 minute to cycle through, then, an error message appears and states, "Oops, ICAO code could not be found. Please try again. I presently have the 4.6.2016.0622 version. When I check for updates, it tells me I am up to date. Any suggestions? Thanks Robert
  4. Hello Everytime I try and downlad the update via the REX template, I get a virus check and it won't let me install. I beleive this happened last time as well. Any suggestions. Thanks Robert
  5. Current version is 4.0.2014.0814. Maybe I made the mistake and bought the same program and thought it was an updated version?
  6. Now I am a little confused. I had orginally purchased the REX 4 Direct in December 2013, in June of this year I purchased, which I thought was an updated version of this product. So I guess my question is, was there an update to REX 4?
  7. Hello. I purchased and down loaded this product the other day from the Flightsim web site. However, when I try to install, I'm getting conflicting instructions. The first set of instructions just says hit setup and the program will install automatically. The second set of instructions says that I will then need to extract ALL files from all 4 zip file files to my hard drive, which I have done. Once all 4 files are extracted, locate and run the SETUP or SETUP.exe (Application) file, which I did, but it then tells me that there is already a version of this program on the computer and that I have to delete it before continuing. Is this correct, as I thought this was just an updated version to the one I already have. Thanks Robert.
  8. Hello REX 4 Texture Direct is not responding. When I right click and hit Run as Administrator, the program starts up as normal, however, as it is going through the boot up process, the main screen opens and remains black. After about a minute, the screen goes back to normal, however, when I try and download updates or click on an icon, the program shuts down. Any suggestions??? Thanks Robert Actually, REX Essential Plus is doing the same thing. Is Everything down?
  9. Hello I'm receiving a virus warning when I try and do an update on the REX 4 update menu. The file name is 4.3.2014.0814. The download will start, but then stops and gives me the warning. Any suggestions? Thanks Robert
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