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  1. Yes rstough, the issue has been resolved and the files are seperated not zipped as the first one. Good Luck downloading
  2. You should have an e-mail from them in your inbox with this subject PC Aviator Inc: Serial Numbers/License Keys/Unlock Codes
  3. Just got an e-mail from them: We sincerely apologize if you had problems downloading your REX4 purchase due to technical issues on our server. We have since corrected these and have made available a newer updated version from a different server. Please redownload your REX4 purchase using the link below. There should be no problems now with download stability and speed. Again we apologize and thank you Too late...now what, not after I already made the second purchase from another store Anyways the speeds are back to normal as they said.
  4. Thanks timest999. I made a second purchase from the FlightSim Pilot Shop..almost down with the downloads after 2 hours..great speeds. I'm at 96% at the moment Download Done...will go ahead and read the manual before installing
  5. Same problem here..I e-mailed them asking for a refund but no response whatsoever..donno what happened to those guys, I got REX Essentials plus overdrive from them a year ago and the download was so smooth...i'm looking for another store now
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