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  1. Thanks for the info. I have REX essential plus overdrive already verified. REX 4, I saw at my friend's House, and watching the flight I noticed the problem in question. I hope that in the future the airplane can touch the clouds as in reality. Thank you
  2. Hi all, I want to ask why in REX 4 plane when it enters in the clouds, the effect touch the clouds with the wing and fuselage does not exist. Aerial simulation that touches the cloud and that the wing goes into the cloud by touching it, must be paramount in a simulation. I await your replies, thanks
  3. What upgrade should you choose? Amazon http://aws.fss-cdn.c...to_20130415.zip American http://euro-fss-cdn....to_20130415.zip UK http://flightsimstor...to_20130415.zip Australia http://ozbathosting....to_20130415.zip Cloud http://REX.fss-cdn.c...to_20130415.zip
  4. I purchased REX essential plus with overdrive the past month ... .... I would like to ask, you have to update??... There are no updates for my REX??
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